Boy do I miss “The Job.” Boy–I can never go back.

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The story about the Dallas police officer who recently resigned because of the attention  he received by stopping Houston Texan’s running back Ryan Moats, has got my blood boiling–and remembering why I can’t ever go back. I got so sick of this stuff.

I love it. Knuckleheads all around the blogoshere (man, are there a lot of them; it’s pretty much ruined the fun of doing this for me) are saying that Moats wouldn’t have been stopped and held if he were white. They say that the officer has no compassion or common sense. Really?

Guess what. People lie when you stop them for traffic violations. They’ll say anything. They have to get to the bathroom. There’s a nuclear bomb in their trunk and they’re trying to get it to the Department of Energy as quickly as possible. Moats in this case  was telling the truth. He also blew through two red lights, which could have caused someone else to die on that evening, not just his mother-in-law.

People have to get used to the fact that in law enforcement there are a lot of tough and bad situations and many times the best answer based on available information is a lesser of two evils.

And I say that the police officer was asked to resign, and only because 1) Ryan Moats is black, 2) He’s a famous athlete.


I want to be a hermit. It’s why I gave up on philosphy which raised more questions than it answered and it’s why I don’t argue nearly as much with boneheads. I do however, like to embarass them by issuing challenges. For instance, one guy the other day said that you get worse at everything when you get older. This is actually the opposite of what I’ve experienced. He, of course, is 20 years old. I asked him to name one thing he’s better at than me. (Yes, I was a little irritated). He said armwrestling. So we armwrestled.

He changed his mind.

 I find that idiots aren’t very good at anything other than being stupid.


4 thoughts on “Boy do I miss “The Job.” Boy–I can never go back.

    Amos Volante said:
    April 11, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Sorry to change the point of your whole post, a’cuz you know damn well I’ve stopped the hell out of some cars, but…

    You actually got a bigmouth soldier to armwrestle you?

    Oh, if only I could have been there!

    I assume you were nice and didn’t do anything to him that would require surgery?

    Bill said:
    April 11, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    It’s amazing… not too long ago, I had a lot of problems with cops hassling me. I used to get pulled over a lot, got lots of speeding tickets and got hassled really bad in general.

    When i grew up, and stopped driving like an ass ,stopped mouthing off to cops, and stopped being places I shouldn’t have been, magically, the entire cop conspiracy against me disappeared. Admittedly, there are some bad cops with attitudes who screw with people for the hell of it, but they are few and far between and seldom the stories that make the news.

    I agree, if he was white, he’d be in the exact same boat. Funny how the same crowd claims cops don’t see black and white, they see blue, until someone who’s black or white is the one on the receiving end. then it magically becomes all about race again. Brilliant analysis on their part

    magus71 responded:
    April 12, 2009 at 10:42 am


    Yes there are some bad cops. I just think that if people spoke to grocery bag boys the way many do to police officers, the bag boys would have chips on their shoulder too.

    I can think of many times where I was ready for a person to be completely disrespectful and illogical, and when they proved me right, it pissed me off even more. I came to be surprised when a person was respectful, compliant, and rational.

    I’m not making excuses for cops who are having bad days. In the last couple of years working, I became much better at letting people vent. Sometimes though, I let them vent, and spoke to them almost as a counselor would, but it didn’t work. that’s when I knew I had to flip the switch. I also learned to emotionally seperate myself from situations, even when i was wrestling someone to the ground.

    The worst thing a cop can do is become too emotionally involved in his work. Cops have tons of contact with irrational and hateful people, and trying too hard to understand and negotiate can pull you into their world.

    I was better able to do my job and remain happy the more I seperated mentally myself from the mayhem.

    kernunos said:
    April 12, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    I don’t know how you made it as long as you did Doug. I think these people need some 90’s East German Police harassment. Police here will seem like saints in Disney costumes.

    oh and by the way, I was a bad bag-boy. 😉


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