A defensive war against the pirates won’t work

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I love it. The pirates are smart. They’re now pandering to America’s leftist critics.

As this AP report says: “The pirates say they are fighting illegal fishing and dumping of toxic waste in Somali waters”.

Right, they’re stealing thousands of tons of food-aid to starving Africans, and by doing so, they’re combating illegal fishing and ecological malfeasance.

If we are to stop the pirates, we can’t sit back and react. That never works in any type of conflict, be it personal or international. Change takes action. Change when confronting living beings who themselves change and react requires aggressive, lighting -fast tactics.

American intelligence must locate pirate havens and motherships. Don’t be surprised to see US land forces–mostly special operations teams of US Navy SEALs–as well as airpower brought into action against the pirates’ safehavens.


One thought on “A defensive war against the pirates won’t work

    kernunos said:
    April 15, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    They need to hire Putin for PR. That is where the Pirates are failing. Rep. Ron Paul has a good idea…


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