For some, reality is just too much

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Obama released the Bush administration’s “torture” memos.  Expect the ACLU to be in full sue-everyone mode. They can make a ton of money off this–and they will.

The memos outline aggressive techniques used by CIA interrogators, including the much publicized but little understood water-boarding technique.

Also touched on are things like stress positions and sleep deprivation–all of which every single US soldier has undergone in Basic Training. US Army Rangers are almost starved. According to the wikipedia entry on Ranger School, common maladies suffered by potential rangers in training are as follows:

It is not uncommon for soldiers to lose 20-40 pounds. Military folk wisdom has it that Ranger School’s physical toll is like years of natural aging; high levels of fight-or-flight stress hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol), along with standard sleep deprivation and continual physical strain, inhibit full physical and mental recovery throughout the course.

Common maladies during the course include weight loss, dehydration, trench foot, heatstroke, frostbite, chilblains, fractures, tissue tears (ligaments, tendons, muscles), swollen hands, feet, knees, nerve damage, loss of limb sensitivity, cellulitis, contact dermatitis, cuts, and insect, spider, bee, and wildlife bites.

I was watching Keith Olberman the other day, not because I wanted to, but because all of the TVs in the chow hall had his disenchanted mug on them. He looked very distraught as he reported that Obama will not authorize prosecution of those named in the memos.

Keith needs to read about some of the things that happened while our SOG and SEAL guys were fighting the Vietcong in Vietnam. Keith thinks the Bush era is somehow comparable to Mao’s China or Stalin’s USSR. He really does.

See, I’m betting that Keith was one of the last guys picked for kickball in school. I’m betting he never played sports, despite being a former commentator for ESPN.

I think Keith would do well to experience the real world. Get out and smell some fresh air. Climb a mountain. Get attacked by an enraged chimpanzee, well fed on lobster and ice cream. Then, he’d know how tough things can be. He’d stop worrying about the CIA keeping Islamic assassins awake for 24 hrs.

He may even come to realize that US soldiers–teenagers many–put up with CIA “torture” techniques everyday.


3 thoughts on “For some, reality is just too much

    Amos Volante said:
    April 18, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    If a soldier eats an MRE; it’s food.

    If a detainee eats one it’s inhumane.

    If an army private, or navy seaman has 24 duty every Tuesday and Friday for the next six months, that’s called work. “Do your job, boy!”

    If you keep someone up for 24 hours to interview them for murder, that’s torture.

    As you point out; So many scribes like Keith have no experience in the subjects they narrate, yet their smooth prose licenses them to speak about military, sports, etc.

    Show me some modern day journalists who are military veterans. A vet has to lie about the truth to earn the good graces of the illuminati. Most of them just cannot do it.

    Scribes can. And their mommies are happy they never get bloody noses.

    Their mommies call that an injury.

    I call it living.

    kernunos said:
    April 18, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Well spoken the both of you. When is the left going to have the guts to just say what they feel. They hate America but will not admit it. They just try to change it into what they think it should be. They talk of Patriotism as paying your taxes. They never elect to personally pay more even though they are able. They talk of our shameful military yet hide behind its protection as the rest of the world would flush their ideals with the rest of their refuse. Almost everything the Liberals do that is wrong they accuse Conservatives of doing. Worst of all, they start by molding our children into what they want America to be. They have no idea what torture is and I bet if you look into the backgrounds and histories of your average Liberal weenie you will find their life has not been that tough. Easy-peasy thanks to the freedoms and Liberties of the United States guaranteed by our Constitution and protected by our military and police officers. Pathetic.

    magus71 responded:
    April 19, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Sean Hannity had some lady on a couple of weeks ago–she was liberal. She of course started in with the usual stuff about America. hannity asked her if she believed, as he does, that America has done more to advance the human condition than any other country in the history of the world.

    She could not utter those words. She kept saying stuff like, “America is a great country.” You could tell she was uncomfortable with complimenting America. Hannity kept pressing her, but she could not say it.

    I think liberalism really is a mental disease. I really think it’s linked to a whole string of diseased thought. And it all stems from a hatred of one thing: Christianity. Seriously. The attempt to tear down America happens because these people hate that America was founded by Christians–and that it worked so spectacularly. And it didn’t work because we made the US into something like the Taliban, cutting off hands and heads into the 2000s. We did it because Christianity is a religion of tolerance and the times that Christians have done wrong, we admit that. Most Christians know that when things become monolithic, they become warped. Outside thoughts are good–though not all are of value. We use experience and intellect to dicern which ideas are good and bad. I don’t want anyone to have to read the bible who doesn’t want to.

    Liberalism is about destroying the social order, no matter how well it’s worked, because in their mind it was created by slave-owning, white, rich men. The sacrifices of these men means nothing. Only the wrongs.

    If you have any doubts as to the primary target of liberalism (Christian ethic and doctrine), just read Newsweek. In almost every issue, there’s an article how Christianity is declining, how Christians need to change, how we need to accept Islamic fundamentalism, but forbid that we have a manger scene in the town square.

    Newsweek needs to understand, that while America is a melting pot, we still have our own identity and culture as a nation. Instead of reporting on culture, Newsweek tries to change it.

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