Al-Qaeda did it, not America

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I was at the book store flipping through blogger/journalist Michael Yon’s new book yesterday.

All I can say is: If you have an interest in the Iraq War–buy this book. Yon’s blog link is on my blog-roll and you can check out some of his other contributions to war journalism. I was stunned at some of the photographs Yon captured while in Iraq at the peak of the fighting. Photos of men in the mid-fall after being struck by 7.62 rounds. Puffs of powdered cement as bullets skipped of walls right next to US soldier’s heads.

Yon is a former member of the US Special Forces–and he’s virtually fearless. I like him too because he’s been criticized by both the Left and the Right. I can appreciate someone who doesn’t find it necessary to pander to carry on. As Yon says, if you want to make money writing, tell people what they want to hear. If the war in Iraq matters to you though,–tell the truth. Leftists hate him because he was the first to report that the surge worked and that US soldiers were not raping and pillaging. On the other hand, twice Yon has been kicked out of military units because he pissed off some colonel.

By readinfg this book, youll see that the Iraqis knew who destroyed Iraq--Al-Qaeda.
By reading this book, you'll see that the Iraqis knew who destroyed Iraq: Al-Qaeda did.


Yon is not an appologist for Bush. He does not hesitate to call Al-Qaeda what it is, though. Evil and in need of destruction. He documents over and over the un-reported events that show what Iraqis really think of America: That we saved them from a horrible regime.

One Iraqi who thought he was going to die , as he lay bleeding begged soldiers to cut his heart out and bury it in America. Iraqi boys dream of becoming US soldiers. One Iraqi man said: “Look what Al-Qaeda has done to my country.”

That statement caught me off guard. I knew it intellectually, that it was not America causing the violence. But to see the words from an Iraqi changed the meaning for me. Al-Qaeda, bent on establishing a Neo-Caliphate ruled by absolutists, recruited former Baathists and set about to ruin everything. And aided by our own media, they almost succeeded. Insurgents killed anyone they could in order discredit America. And yet we were blamed.

It’s a bit like blaming a woman’s rape on the fact that she wore tight pants or a short skirt.

 Now that Obama is president however, Time magazine is making statements like ” Afghanistan: Why failure is not an option.”

Slow learners them folks. But Afghanistan’s not as important as Iraq was and is. Time wants it to be because their president thinks it is.


One thought on “Al-Qaeda did it, not America

    kernunos said:
    April 20, 2009 at 2:12 am

    Anything Obama does is more just than what Bush did. Bush may not have been eloquent but I get the feeling Obama is talking down to me.

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