Pak government in hopeful denial

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The Swat peace deal was a superfluous waste of paper and words. Hoping to placate the extremists, the Pakistani government wrote up a cease fire three months ago which the Taliban has broken on several occasions. It was a “you leave us be, we’ll leave you be”, type of thing. So the government essentially allowed the Taliban to fester within the country’s borders, and now the extremists are doing what extremists always do: using force to get what they want, at the expense of personal freedoms. The agreement held that the government would impose Islamic laws along the edges of the Swat areas. Talk about being abandoned by your government. The people in those areas are sure to take a “can’t beat ’em, so let’s join ’em” attitude.” Thus the Taliban, partly because of this agreement, has an ever growing pool of zealots.

Pakistan may only exist as we know it for a few more months. The Swat area is essentially becoming lawless, with the Taliban looting and killing as it wishes. The military has been able to make some successful attacks on the Talibs outside the Swat area, but thousands of militants managed to escape.

The Pak government is trying to patch gaping holes with band-aids.  I don’t think they can stop the rising tide of zealotry, which is fertilized with a lack education and work.


One thought on “Pak government in hopeful denial

    kernunos said:
    May 6, 2009 at 6:47 am

    They are so freaking doomed.

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