Soldier commits fratricide

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Not surprisingly, the hottest story on the web right now is the horrible slaying of five US Soldiers by one of their own.

It really bugs me though, that the common thread in all of these types if bylines is that somehow the war itself is causing these breakdowns. Look, the average day, week month and year of deployment in this type of war is boring. You’re in a country, “inside the wire” of your FOB (Forward Operating Base) and you just want the smells, sounds and sites of your own land. There aren’t bombs going off next to you every day.

Wilburn Russell was a communications specialist with the 54th Engineer Battalion, stationed here in Bamberg, Germany. He wasn’t going toe-to-toe with Jihadists.

I’m here to tell you a horrible secret: Soldiers love fighting. They love killing the enemy. I won’t lie to you. They love even more, helping people and building schools that make people happy, but don’t ever think that there isn’t something about fighting that makes a warrior want to stay a warrior. He just learns to properly channel his desires. It’s difficult to be good at something you hate. You learn that strength must be tempered with justice.

What drives many to the edge, is boredom. Boredom creates too many thoughts.Thoughts become nightmares. Nightmares can become realities mingled with blood.

The media will want us to believe that this is a problem associated with the war. In reality, it is a problem associated with being human. Sgt. Russell had problems. Many people do, and do not resort to mass murder. Russell was a short timer. He was almost done with his tour. It seems that if the war were the problem, the small amount of time he had remaining to fight it would have soothed the pain. I suspect the source of his pain was much more complex than even war.

Left-wing media outlets have tried this type of thing before. And they got spanked for not checking the facts. Remember this one, by the New York Times?  It’s a huge article, and it’s size contributes to its ability to convince. It turns out though, to be The Big Lie.

The truth? The Department of Justice’s studies into the matter show something quite different: Veterans between the ages of 18-24 commit homicide at about half the rate of the civilian populace in the same age group. Other age groups show lower rates, too.

Even Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has jumped to the easy conclusion that veterans become so tainted by war, that there is a significant danger of them becoming terrorists.

What do you suppose Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitanos views on the military are? Does she really strike you as someone whos tough on terrorism?
What do you suppose Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's views on the military are? Does she really strike you as someone who's tough on terrorism?

This will continue, no matter the facts. There’s a point to prove: War’s bad.

No kidding.


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