The War on Terror is still well, The War on Terror

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Barack Obama has some Democrats crawling out of their skin. Bit by bit, he’s reversed virtually every one of his campaign agendas when it comes to war and anti-terror. No prudent president, despite all the rhetoric needed to ensure the Far-Left vote, could possibly have followed through on the things that Obama promised. Presidents find that once they take office, that the former president wasn’t so stupid after all. “Gee Mr. Panetta, I guess al-Qaeda really were a pretty bad bunch of dudes.” They become privy to the highest levels of intelligence. And no one wants to be the guy who backs off on fighting extremism, but finds the country the victim of another massive attack later on. 

So, troops stayed in Iraq against the wishes of many of Obama’s voters. Obama will send MORE troops to Afghanistan. Obama resisted the proposed release of pictures depicting misconduct at Gitmo. He kept Gates on board as SECDEF. Gates who in many ways embodies The War on Terror that the Left so hates. 

I suspect that once Obama met the very real people that were involved in this fight, when he spoke to them and found that they weren’t at all the kill-crazy right-wingers that he’d been taught by his constituents, and knowing the information that only a president can know–he had no choice but to make the decisions he’s made.


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