Events in North Korea proves that the US is still the bulwark of the free world

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Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. ~Mark Twain


They said the world did not respect the United States anymore. They said we were a fallen giant, whose time had passed, whose ways were now archaic in the post-modern world.

They can say anything they want to. It won’t make it true.

Bullets trump words. Danger trumps posturing. The North Korean government, with the detonation of a nuclear weapon and aggressive statements threatening attack, has the world remembering who its Imperitor is.

Let us make no mistake: Kim Jong-II does not want to fight. This is posturing of the very highest order. But sometimes posturing can result in a battle to defend one’s self-image. When you’ve said you will fight, you better do so when the need comes, or your credibility will be demolished. North Korea has set down new rules. It says it will no longer adhere to the armistice of 1953. It says it will attack South Korea should transport ships be searched. Will Kim Jong -II pull the trigger when and if these benchmarks are met?

The DMZ at the 38th parallel is considered the most dangerous place on the planet. There seems only a sheet of rice paper that holds the forces of North and South back, great, angry and growling diesel, from a clash of historical proportions. Some military wargames predict 100,000 dead civilians in the first few days of a conflict. US forces at the DMZ are the most intensely drilled units in our Army.

Below are shots from Operation Foal Eagle, the 2009 mega-wargame conducted by joint US and S. Korean forces.

F-18 launching from the Nimitz
F-18 launching from a Nimitz class carrier



Marine Sergeant training South Korean troops
Marine Sergeant training South Korean troops


US Marines train with Miles Gear
US Marines train with Miles Gear


Marines from the Fleet Anti-Terroism Security Team Pacific
Marines from the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Pacific

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