The Army must keep open Web 2.0 apps

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Communication and ideas will fuel the Army of the future, ensuring it doesn’t become encrusted in the old ways. To fight the battles of the future we must allow Soldiers to blog. We must allow them access to Twitter and Facebook. America must not be separated from its Army; this can only lead to distortion and mistrust. 

Our enemies will use any tool available to defeat us. Denying our Soldiers portals to the outside world does and will hurt morale, limit outside-the-box thinking, and makes the Army a very hollow echo chamber. 

Pentagon officials sitting in their air-conditioned chambers and playing chess with men, ought to reconsider their outdated thinking, and encourage Soldiers to write and think, and to make those thoughts available for the world to see. The US Military is made up of its citizenry; it should not be segregated. An integrated Soldier is a well rounded, educated and skilled warrior. 

I’ll fight for this one personally if I have to.


One thought on “The Army must keep open Web 2.0 apps

    kernunos said:
    June 13, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Excellent point. the government is only trying to take away your freedom of speech because most soldiers are Republicans. If they were mostly Democrats you would not hear this. Case and point: They are pushing for the right of illegal aliens to vote and trying to stifle the voice of soldiers.

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