Iranian dissidants supporting democracy can use Twitter..

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Iranian citizens wanting fair practice in election are using Twitter to fight against what repressive regimes always do: Limit communication by the citizenry.

However, DOD employees aren’t allowed access to Web 2.0 apps.


Well, time to go clear a minefield like a good Soldier…..


One thought on “Iranian dissidants supporting democracy can use Twitter..

    Bill said:
    June 17, 2009 at 5:45 am

    Earlier today – I saw this link and reposted it under the title “This is what a Real police state looks like” I’m sure you’re already hip to it but figured you wouldn’t mind me spreading the word via your blog as well – here’s a guide to helping the dissidents over in Iran

    There was a link on twitter earlier (can’t seem to find it now) regarding scheduled downtime. They mention specifically the situation in Iran as a reason they are pushing it back another day. It came out earlier that the State Department actually intervened and asked Twitter to push the initial downtime back precisely b/c it was so important to the Iranians. The State dept coming to the defense of the oppressed is about as shocking and welcome as the UN doing something effective against tyrants, but I digress.

    Anyway, if you read that link above, it’s clear how clever (and evil) Pro-regime are – but inspiring to see how they are being outmaneuvered. They blocked bloggers at first, then bloggers started using proxy servers. They started blocking each proxy and then stuff started getting posted to YouTube, Twitter et al. They blocked YouTube et al and then Twitter’s SMS functionality saved the day. It’s hard for them to selectively block that without interrupting general cell service (at least for now).

    The thing is, with the way our world works now – if a regime can initiate a true blockout – they can crush the rebellion in the most violent of ways, demoralize the resistance (and kill a lot of it) and then play dumb. When the reports surface about what happened, they’ll claim it’s propaganda (probably even file a few fake ones just to discredit the opposition). They’ll be able to threaten and terrorize anyone wanting to make such info public – and they can discredit and attack stuff that’s not tied to a known person. They can then round up all their supporters worldwide (and there’s not a single tyranny I know of that doesn’t have a lot of friends in the international media) quickly to help discredit critics. And even if all that fails, the international community doesn’t do much more than talk and write letters so they know not much will come of it (and in the extremely rare case it did – they’d just throw out a fall guy and be done with it)

    So if they can just get a blackout for just a few days – they’ll almost certainly be able to get away with everything.

    If however, the information comes out real time, like the Iranian election images did – it becomes a “hot” story that people follow and inherently has more credibility b/c in most cases, there will be other images/video corraborating each video or picture. The videos will corroborate blogger’s stories (this was very much the case this time around) and it serves to shove the stuff in the world’s face – where people realize that standing by and doing nothing isn’t noble but despicable cowardice. I’ll bet you anything, certain other regimes are looking at this closely figuring out how to preempt it from happening when they engage in their next oppressive operation.

    For anyone of your readers (I’m sure pretty much all of your readers fall in this camp) that want to help out dissidents and those without the freedom to tell the world what’s going on in their countries – Tor isn’t perfect but it’s good – Posting behind a ring of proxy servers 7 deep, each of which are in different countries really complicates things for tyrants.

    In this case, I don’t think the election will be overturned even though the students and dissidents got the message out pretty much real time – but that’s b/c of the gutlessness of the international community and the oppressive nature of the Iranian regime. With that said though – it brings a lot of heat on them and for once, has them in a defensive posture. It’s sent a message loud and clear to many who were refusing to listen “Do you really want THESE PEOPLE (I mean the regime, not Iranians as a whole) to have a nuke? Do you trust these people’s claims they just want nukes for energy? Look at them gunning down non-violent students and beating the crap out of unarmed people – do you really think they’re intentions aren’t pernicious?” Many people were trying not to look at what the regime is – b/c they are so caught up in hating the west, hating Israel and their own ideology. Seeing this stuff completely disputes the image of Iran that many leftists paint (the same image the painted of Pre-Invasion Iraq). That’s a huge win for the dissidents that I think is ultimately setting the stage for a revolution

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