The world sinks toward Hades as Progressives give hope, but little else.

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It was a great thing that the whole world was willing to listen to Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo. They wanted to hear what America’s new president had to say. Europeans gushed, fainted and screamed; all Obama needed was a bowl cut and you would have thought it was a Beatles’ concert broadcast in Brussels. 

Europeans heard what they wanted to hear: Peace, peace, peace. The Iranian regime also heard what it wanted: weakness, weakness, weakness. 

It seems this new administration doesn’t believe that there are people out there that really want power. Even worse, that there are people already in power who want apocalypse. Remember the Hidden Imam? Ahmadinejad does, as do the mullahs that prop him up. See, a president whose view of religion is that it is the opiate of the masses finds himself confused by recent events. People should be cooperating, because he knows what people everywhere really want: Peace. No, they don’t. President Obama’s tutor, Karl Marx was wrong in his opium analogy. Religion, in its fundamental form is not a depressant that puts its user on the nod. It is a hallucinogenic mushroom, which conjures visions and omens. It is Phencyclidine–Angel Dust–that imbues the addict with superhuman endurance, strength and will. It makes him brave beyond the point of self-destruction. A bomb-vest is the Magic Carpet upon which the intoxicated Islamic Fundamentalist rides to Paradise. 

Korea, Palestine and Iran are showing Obama exactly what they think of his speechifying. They like it, because it distracts the rest of the world from their true intentions. 

They’ll call me a war monger. A hate monger. The scripts of 10,000 years of human history bear witness to my testimony. Hoping that our enemies see things our way is not a good national security policy. Hope remained in Pandora’s box, even as the evils crawled out into the world. Let us add to Hope, strength, wisdom, and superior firepower…


2 thoughts on “The world sinks toward Hades as Progressives give hope, but little else.

    Bill said:
    June 17, 2009 at 11:33 am

    It must be on one of the blogs b/c i’ve heard it from several talk show callers – but the new talking points is that the whole reason the students/dissidents had the guts to stand up – was b/c of Obama’s cairo speech. They say that each election is a blow out with the loser contesting it , so the only difference now is that Obama made a speech letting them knowit’s time to stand up b/c the US will support them.

    It goes on to say that internal uprisings are the way to facilitate regime change – not war. The wording the people used, the argument and position are all the same from 4 different callers to different shows – so it must be on a blog or something – random chance couldn’t explain it.

    This is the same argument Michael Moore et all have been making for years – it lets them denounce war (well, military strength by the US or Israel), lecture others and trash Cubans (the one minority it’s perfectly acceptable to be ‘racist’ against b/c they vote Republican and hate Castro).

    I would say internal regime change is preferable when it’s possible but as we’ve seen in places like Mogadishu – it’s not always feasible and can lead to more bloodhsed. Seems to me it’s also every bit “War”, it’s just that someone else is waging it – so the “Peace movement” once again shows it’s not Anti-War – it’s anti-War by the US or Israel.

    magus71 responded:
    June 18, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    The problem is, that now that the students stood up, obama will do nothing to help them . They’ll be crushed and it’ll be one more reason for people who want freedom to turn away from us and distrust the US.

    Kurdish rebels anyone?

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