Want to know what Intelligence Analysts do?

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Today, it was announced that Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Johnson during the Vietnam War, and one of the most cerebral military thinkers of our time, dies at the age of 93.

My MOS, Intelligence Analyst, once known as All Source Analyst, must amalgamate all known information into a picture that can be understood in its totality. Intel analysts must also try to predict Second and Third Order of Effects. What will happen if our military takes an action? And what will happen after that?

McNamara was predictably the target of the Left’s ire. But here, sn this documentary titled: The Fog of War. The documentary is an excellent example of  the challenges presented to Intelligence Analysts in the military, NSA and CIA. We must cut through the fog, and the bias politics and sometimes tell people what they don’t want to hear. We must set aside our own prediposed beliefs and try, try very, very hard, to see what is real and what can be made to happen.

No easy task. Here’s Part 1 of The Fog of War.


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