The Left may hate us, but we won’t let them down.

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“I’ll never let you down, even if I could. I’d give up everything, if only for your good….when your education X-ray cannot see under my skin, I won’t tell you a damn thing that I would not tell my fans. Now roaming through this darkness I’m alive but I’m alone, part of me is fighting this, but part of me is gone.”~Love Me When I’m gone, Three Doors Down.

They’ll hate you in secret and in the sacred halls of Yale. But don’t ever think they won’t ask you to do their dirty and tough work. The uneducated, they say–that’s who you are. They have no honor, only wry and sarcastic smiles. They know what’s best for you.

In reality these are only people who have experienced no pain in life. They’d melt were they exposed to a week of a what a Soldier or Marine has to do on a daily basis, fighting against the worst the world has to offer, receiving only the sneers of Nancy Pelosi in return.

We need not romanticize the American Soldier. We’ll call him what he is: A stoic, rough warrior who has little time for political semantics or philosophical banter. He’s too busy and too tired, the bullets are too real, the explosions too powerful. Yes, they’ll hate you, but they’ll ask you to kill our enemies–and you won’t let them down. You never have. The American Soldier, from the 17 year old conscripts of Vietnam, to the picket fence fighters of WWII have always killed more than they’ve been killed. It’s only the politicians, whose vague understandings of human psychology, warfare and the nature of the Will, have improperly used your skills and wasted your lives.

But you’ll get blamed in the end.

When they send you places you shouldn’t be, if you are fighting evil–which now you are–than fight hard and never give up. Don’t think about what others will say–follow your instincts and conscience. The Monday Morning Quarterbacks will question your actions from their desks. They’ll go shopping and buy a new plasma television.


One thought on “The Left may hate us, but we won’t let them down.

    kernunos said:
    July 12, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Well, that is what the Conservative does. It sucks that we have to get dragged in and play their politics every now and then. We are not complainers, character assassins or boat rockers. We go to work, keep to ourselves and love liberty to the point we would die for it. When the Left starts stepping on our toes and telling us how to live it is like life interrupted. I guess it is just the cycle we have to keep living.

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