Obama will ensure he’s a one termer if he grants McChrystal’s request.

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There isn’t much good news for the new president these days. But he could easily make things better for himself. According to a new report, General Stanley McChrystal will request more US troops be sent to Afghanistan. He’s admitted that the current “strategy” isn’t working. Should Obama grant McChrystal’s request and send more Soldiers, it seems plain that this war’s ghost will last at least until the end of his current term, and that will not bode well for another election to office. All the other issues piled on top of this certainly don’t help.

Obama could continue the current ground war for six months, order a deescalation of troops and declare boldly that the US will pursue and kill any  Taliban members or members of  any other extremist groups should they threaten America. We need not stick around to change Afghanistan. I won’t say it can’t be changed, but I will say it’s not worth the price.

Obama though has already chosen the typical Democrat sideshow when it comes to dealing with extremists: Blame the CIA then start tearing it apart. Carter did it (read Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars), Clinton “gutted” the agency in the words of Tom Clancy and here we go again. The witch hunt will drive talented people from the CIA to places where hey can make more money (the average CIA operative makes about $35,000 a year) and are not in danger of being killed or sent to federal prison for pouring water on mass murderers or keeping them awake for too long.

2 thoughts on “Obama will ensure he’s a one termer if he grants McChrystal’s request.

    Bill said:
    September 1, 2009 at 1:35 am

    After a few months, I can only hope he’s a one termer. It’s 9 months into his presidency and I’m yearning for the good old days of Bush’s 2nd term. At this point, I’d take Carter

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