This administration fears what it does not understand

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The New Left–heck the Old Left for that matter–fears the CIA. To the average liberal, the CIA is Cloak and Dagger in the most literal sense, comprised of Soldier of Fortune subscribers and balaclava clad torturers. It’s their own fault. They ostracized the agency, just as they did the military, back in the 60s. The intellectual elite from Ivy League schools by and large have been excised from the military and from our intelligence agencies. That’s they want to keep it too, because military recruiters aren’t allowed on most of those campuses.

Now we have one of our best defenses against terrorism in a complete state of disarray. The CIA’s morale by most accounts is very bad. Instead of working on improving collection methods, the administration and the Justice Department want to scrape the bottom of the barrel for agents who’ve committed the horrible act of pouring water on KSM. Oh, and he was really, really tired, too and they wouldn’t let him sleep. Obama appoints a bureaucrat who knows little about the intelligence field, in the form of Leon Panetta then proceeds to ravenously tear into what is really the President’s best friend; no President can make adequate decisions without good intelligence. Demonizing the CIA after 911 and two wars is plain stupid and borne of fear and ignorance.

What a waste of money, time and lives. We’ll pay for decades for this president.


One thought on “This administration fears what it does not understand

    Bill said:
    September 3, 2009 at 3:28 am

    I’m curious to see what will happen here. Bush angered the CIA and they murdered him – primarily through leaks. Pelosi tried to diss them and it ended up worse than the Eminem/Mariah Carie bloodbath. The CIA is powerful, it’s effectively an organic entity now so I don’t think one can beat up too hard on them without getting a pretty wicked response. And if it happens it won’t be a second too soon

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