Fixing a state that never was

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The Brookings Institute ranked Afghanistan second only to Somalia as the worst viable state in the world. Somalia however, ranks better in security and social welfare. And yet, many of Obama’s allies are vehemently insisting that we need to stay in Afghanistan.

Perhaps I’m harping here; it’s worth harping for the lives of our soldiers and the reputation of our fighting forces.   But stay there in what capacity? The intellectual dishonesty on display here is astounding.  We are now fighting this war in th way that only a liberal Democrat could envision a war being fought: Without trying to kill the enemy. We have neutered ourselves twice, first by trying counterinsurgency tactics in a land that has very little infrastructure, and then by severely restricting our troops’ ability to fight back. The Taliban are simply not cooperating. They are fighting a hard, irregular war. We are playing catch up instead destroying the problem.

We have the best trained, best equiped soldiers in the world. Do not doubt that they are performing their given mission with the utmost competence and valor. They fight hard–something our NATO allies should learn to do. While NATO sits behind reinforced concrete walls in a “defensive posture”, our troops roam the barren countryside seeking contact with an enemy who knows the limits set upon our soldiers by politicians. We are simply not employing our troops correctly.

Opium is not the issue, either. Not in terms of the war. This is the fight against international terrorism, not a war on drugs. The problem is a lack of a Social Contract in Afghanistan. No honest observer can say that true change will come to Afghanistan in less than several decades–several decades of military intervention. This is simply not acceptable given the payback that America will receive.

The tired old statement that this is the fault of the Bush administration is a moot point, regardless of its truthfulness or lack thereof. And the longer Obama fails admit that we must kill our enemies and then leave, the more his opponents will have a valid argument that this mess is indeed his.


2 thoughts on “Fixing a state that never was

    Amos Volante said:
    September 11, 2009 at 1:29 am

    I have a big patch of unmowed grass on my front lawn the size of Louisiana. Why? There is a giant yellowjacket nest in that patch. When I say giant, I do not mean the little nest hanging off your back deck with ten yellows and some larvae. I mean 60,000 vicious, angry yellows burrowed into what looks like a gopher hole.

    When enraged they create a cloud of wasps which make my front yard look like I’m burning leaves.

    What’s my point?

    I spent $25 for 6 cans of wasp spray, to no avail. I killed about 500 of them with it. Barely a dent in a nest of tens of thousands. The $25 is gone. The wasps are numerous as ever.

    The wasps are irrational, unreliable, and will never amount to shit as a species. Just as I was loading into the car to go get some gasoline to burn them out I thought, “Wait a minute, why even bother?”

    I left them alone and now the nest is fading due to season change. I’ve been stung over 200 times by yellows. It hurts worse than any 20 mile ruckmarch. You know what?

    Screw ’em! I’m in the house drinking a beer and managing my eBay account. I gain nothing from using my paycheck to kill yellowjackets.

    So, what about Afghanistan?

    kernunos said:
    September 11, 2009 at 1:54 am

    I like the gasoline idea better. E-bay can be sooo dull.

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