Getting rid of the Eastern European missile shield was the right thing

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Hold on, now. Let’s not let some serious flaws in this administration lead to reflexively disagreeing with everything it does. The missile shield–which didn’t yet exist and doesn’t yet work–had to go.

Robert Gates writes in a Op-Ed to the New York Times, explains that the land-based missle shield would not have been fully operational until 2017. But that’s not to say that there will be no defensive measures in place should Iran decide to lob short or medium range missiles carrying nuclear warheads. Gates says that the SM–3 sea-based missile will be deployed and that it has the capability to intercept those exact missiles that could prove a roblem. The SM-3 is a defensive missile used by Aegis Class cruisers and destroyers. I’m familiar with its capabilities from playing the Naval Warfare game, Harpoon. A Ticonderoga class Aegis cruiser is capable of tracking and targeting about 100 targets, including aircraft, and destroying them using vertically launched SM-3 missiles.

Using currently available technology, which is being improved-possibly to the point that it will eventually be able to intercept ICBMs, America will be able to protect the region at an earlier date.


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