Easy, effective pre-competition meal

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Recent science shows that apples may increase endurance capacity, due to an anti-oxidant known as Quercetin. The study showed that people fed Quercetin twice a day for seven days showed a 13.2 percent increase in endurance with no additional training. That’s a huge boost. Actually, apples have a number of health benefits.

In addition, very cold water increases work capacity, especially in warm wheather. When I say cold water, I mean 4 degrees C.

So, a good pre-competion meal would have me eating two apples the day prior to a race or game. Spread some peanut butter on a sliced apple to add some fat and salt. Drink a tall glass of water before going to bed the night before, to help with general hydration. Loss of as little as 2% of bodyweight can negatively effect performance and a 5% loss can reduce performance by 30%.

An hour before competition, eat half an apple with peanut butter and drink a glass or two of ice water.


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