This just in: Refusing to fight results in losing in war

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The Taliban knows far more about winning wars than our politicians.

See what our troops are facing are facing on the ground, here.   This video shows that our enemies want us dead.

Feckless, detached and morally weak, Congress and the Executive branch never hesitate to put in place rules that will ensure the deaths of our warriors who fight against radical Islam. They’re paralyzed by media reports of civilian deaths in war, and mindless of the media’s under reporting of what works: Killing bad guys.

In Maine, Sen. Susan Collins received a letter from  John Bernard, a retired 26 year veteran of the US marine Corp. His son, Joshua was fighting in Afghanistan in the Marines. John Bernard expressed his outrage over the handicas given our troops:  The restrictions are: “nothing less than disgraceful, immoral and fatal for our Marines, sailors and soldiers on the ground,” and our troops are: “without reinforcement, denial of fire support and refusal to allow them to hunt and kill the very enemy we are there to confront are nothing more than sitting ducks.”

Three weeks later, Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard was killed fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Being a Mainer myself, and knowing how politics go there, I have little faith that Sen. Collins would advocate unleashing the dogs of war… As a matter of fact, I see no one standing up for our troops’ right to fight back, only for the right t pour more of our blood and money into a dusty laboratory. John McCain wants more of our young men there to make a show. If he wants them there to kill as many Talibs as possible, he should say so.

And that’s one reason I don’t support this war anymore. I’ve learned that no matter how many troop we pour into the wasteland called Afghanistan, our troops will never be allowed to really fight.

I am torn between giving my honest opinion about the situation in Afghanistan and knowing that our troops need words of encouragement. So let me be clear: I endorse our troops’ right to kill the Taliban. They can defeat the Taliban, but to ask them to remake Afghanistan is asking too much. I support using all the technological and tactical abilities of our military to wreak havoc on the enemy, to strike him with such overwhelming force that his will is shattered.

I do not support having our men stand around, reacting instead of acting,  fearing to pull the trigger because CNN will report American “attrocities”. I do not support our troops driving back and forth on IED laden roads, that have been mined by men who could have been killed in previous engagements but were not for fear of killing innocents. We’re making things worse with our reluctance, encouraging an enemy that understands more than we do that will is the primary asset in war. Not bombs, satellites, not smart munitions. It’s all about how much pain you’re willing to endure. And so, the most powerful Army in history has been fighting backwoods illiterates for eight years–and barely breaking even. And it’s because our politicians lack the political will to let our men fight. But of course they’ll let them die.  

Need proof that fighting harder will help? Remember that air strike that destroyed two Taliban-hijcked fuel tankers earlier this month? It was front page news of course, because the Coalition Forces had apparently made a mistake. Or did they?

On that day, two F-15E Strike Eagles prowled the skies above the tankers and beyond the view of approximately 100 Taliban fighters moving around the tankers.  The F-15Es broadcast a real-time video back to a German Tactical Ops Center and an Afghan informant spoke by radio with a German intelligence officer at the center, insisting that only Taliban were near the trucks. Given the order to destroy the vehicles and kill the Talibs, a F-15 unleashed a 500 lb. satellite guided bomb, killing about one hundred Talibs. Perhaps two dozen civilians were killed. Civilian survivors of the blast knew they should not go near the trucks. One man aid he hoped to get some free fuel. A surviving ten year old boy went to th site against the wishes of his father. How do the appeasers propose we stop this?

But next comes the real lesson of this incident. While the New York Times was busy giving aid and comfort to the Taliban , local Taliban officials near the bomb site gave General Stanley McChrystal the business. In an article written by Washington Post Foreign Service writer,  Rajiv Chandrasekaran, (an article which got almost no attention, even though it is the most detailed account as to what happened that anyone outside the military has), it’s reported that a local council chairman, Ahmadullah Wardak, actually cut McChrystal off in his apologies for the civilian deaths, saying:

“If we do three more operations like was done the other night, stability will come to Kunduz,” and “If people do not want to live in peace and harmony, that’s not our fault.”  And finally: “We’ve been too nice to the thugs”.

To McChrystal’s and other US officials’ surprise, there was a lack of outrage amongst locals.

All but unreported in the mainstream media. If we will not let our Centurians fight the Vandals in far off lands, we should bring them home.


2 thoughts on “This just in: Refusing to fight results in losing in war

    Michael LaBossiere said:
    September 26, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    While there should be restrictions in warfare, the end of military science is victory. While an “anything goes” attitude is bad (leads to war crimes), the needlessly timid approach actually prolongs wars and thus creates rather than reduces suffering.

    One problem with having leaders who lack an understanding of military science and the relevant history, is that even their good intentions are largely driven by ignorance.

    Obama needs to remember what the Vietnam war taught us. He needs to listen to the generals and not the Democrats when it comes to military strategy.

    One should fight justly, but fight to win. If you are not there to win, it is better to not be there.

    Amos Volante said:
    September 27, 2009 at 1:14 pm


    Now even the locals’ cries of ‘keep fighting’ and non-outrage won’t work, because they don’t have a multi-billion dollar media machine to tell us how outraged they are not.

    Instead, we have our own mega media profession, rife with wimps who’ve never been in the service, who will now give their worthless assesments of the situation.

    And everyone will listen!

    I say listen to the local leaders. Even though they are not invited to speak on CNN.

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