Random Musings

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Don’t go to bed angry.

People want justice and strength from leaders, not either/ or.

Physical pain is better overcome by movement and exercise than by rest.

Fish oil supplements are beneficial and improve test scores, memory, sense of well being and decrease chances of heart disease.

No one is successful going it alone. Network, and treat your friends well. Value your family.

To be successful in relationships, we must subvert our own egos, and admit that the things we despise in others, are many times the same attributes we have.

To avoid procrastination, do one thing each day that you don’t want to.

Use cash, not credit.

Talk less. Bite your tongue.

Don’t give up the love you have for a love imagined.

No one likes whining.

Less desire equals more happiness.

Never be cruel to your children, even when you’re angry.

When violence is the only option, commit to it with all your strength.

When the violence is over, help your opponent back to his feet.


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