Second flag football game

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Last night, I played in our team’s second flag football game. I had been planning on skipping the game, as by last weekend, my right knee had swelled and was very stiff. I iced it two-three times per day hoping the pain and fluid would dwindle. As I walked out the door from work last evening, my unit commander asked if I’d be at the game. I couldn’t let him down. At least that’s the excuse I made.

My knee was feeling better, actually, and once the game started I felt pretty good. We ended up winning the game, and I played every down on defense and offense, catching a few passes. Best of all we won the game. We’re 1-1 at this point. All of the other teams have played about 5 more games than us because we started so late as many from our unit were on field exercise.

Tomorrow we play a double-header. The first game is against the team that beat us in the first game and the second is against an undefeated team (7-0), the aviation unit at my base. Stupid helicopter jocks.


One thought on “Second flag football game

    Lou said:
    September 30, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    It’s hell getting old 🙂

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