49ers vs the Vikings

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I’ll make a few comments on last weeks 49ers/ Vikings game in which Brett Favre made an incredible throw for the win with 2 seconds remaining in the game.

Here’s the play that won it:

First off. The media is now drooling over Brett Favre again. A lot of people are. Remember how they hated him last year, with his mediocre play for the Jets? And with his flip-flop retirement decision?

Another thing. He didn’t play a very good game. I’ll give him that last drive. It was great: 80 yards with no timeouts and a spectacular throw at the end. Ok, but it was at home in a game that they were favored to win. Andrian Peterson didn’t get his 100 yards that everyone thought he would. The Niners played the game without their best player–one of the most explosive backs in football–Frank Gore.

The Niners defense is the best SF D I’ve seen in a long time. Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in the NFL; he runs a dang 4.49 40 yard dash! Coach Mike Singletary says Willis and Ray Lewis are the two best linebackers he’s coached.

All said, the victory goes to the Vikings. But I suggest that people who’re gushing over Favre now, watch the whole game. The Niners lost an away game against a favored team in the waning seconds. All you haters can forget about the Fan Francisco teams of the last ten years. This one’s for real.


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