Third and fourth flag football games

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Thursday night, the 66th MI brigade played a double-header. It was cold–about 42 degrees– and windy. In game one, we played the 24th MI Battalion, a team that had barely defeated us in our opening game. After going down 8-o, we bounced back and won the game 19-8. I had two interceptions and one touchdown catch. My body was still stiff and sore from Tuesday’s game, and my right knee was quite swollen. On one play I made a diving catch, and was hit by the defensive player way before I caught the ball. The referee threw a flag. Unfortunately, on the play I fractured my right pinkie finger. I knew something was wrong with it immediately, but continued to play.

The second game didn’t go quite so well. We had a one game wait before we played and most of us were tired and stiff when it came to kick-off time. We ended up losing 18-0. The opposing quarterback only completed one pass, but he did well running and I could tell that fatigue prohibited us from dealing with his quickness. By that time my right knee was almost immobilized from the swelling.

My finger is swollen and purple, but I plan on taping it to my ring finger and playing anyway. After the game I gulped down two aspirin with a beer and lay down for sleep.  I could feel the inflammation pulsing through my whole body. Today’s a little better, though. It’s been a vicious cycle of physical pain and stress, recovering from the flu, which in turn prohibits good sleep, which inhibits recovery.

Guess I’ll soldier on.


One thought on “Third and fourth flag football games

    Amos Volante said:
    October 4, 2009 at 1:06 am

    Press on!

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