Don’t rely on science when it comes to global warming–rely on common sense.

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What kind of food makes you healthy?

Depends what decade you’re in. Back when my grandmother was growing up, she knew that starches made you fat. In the 70’s, it was fat that made you fat. Now there’s a big argument, and many have given into the “I have fat genes”, bull. Science still can’t say for sure what makes people healthy, other than in a few areas, such as smoking: It’s very bad and the numbers are so obvious that no one argues. 2000% increase in lung cancer anyone?

Fact is, there are too many variables when it comes to diet. People who eat “healthy” whatever that means for a given time period, also tend to do a lot of other things considered good for well being. They exercise, don’t smoke, are married, tend to be more educated etc.

Since science cannot easily pinpoint causation in health and diet, how much more difficult must it be to find causation when it comes to global temperature changes.

In all the research I’ve done, I’m finding it difficult to determine if the temps in the last decade have gone up or down. This whole thing is a mess, and not worthy of massive changes that will end up reducing productivity and starving third world nations.


5 thoughts on “Don’t rely on science when it comes to global warming–rely on common sense.

    Griffin said:
    December 15, 2009 at 2:33 pm


    I have not read all the comments, but this is at least interesting:

    Amos Volante said:
    December 15, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    A 2 stroke gas powered blower does more harm to the air we breathe than 10 SUVs on the road, yet every $900,000 home with a Toyota Prius parked our front has 13 illigal Guatemalans walking around with gas blowers so the yard can look like a naturefest utopia.

    Who’s really saving the environment? Nobody.

    It’s a renewable resource. It saves itself. We nuked Hiroshima and it’s one of the prettiest towns you’ll ever set eyes on.

    The only benefit of all this enviro-vogue is that we will hopefully see less visible litter.

    Otherwise, man’s presence means little in the overall scheme of things.

    Bill said:
    December 16, 2009 at 7:21 am

    Excellent points on every count. Basic algebra teaches that you can’t solve an equation with certainty when there are only two unknowns. The thing is, very few people read original research. People are used to reporters, who aren’t statisticians, scientists, doctors or anything else for the most part, to summarize research. An average without a standard deviation tells you virtually nothing about the data. Yet we never hear about standard deviation or even a summarized view of it. We constantly hear about projects without a word about what models or methodology was used to create those models. I remember the mid 80s when projections indicated that pretty much the whole world would have AIDS. Extrapoloation of regressions is dangerous business, precisely when you’re in a volatile part of a curve. Same with govt projections.. .they always overrun usually by ridiculous margins b/c virtually every number politicians site is politicized already – yet we hear new projections based on raw data that never factor in how wrong previous predictions have been.

    What’s worse, no matter how bad or dishonest someone is, if they tow the line of those with a given agenda, they are elevated by those folks. So we have thoroughly discredited experts making prediction after prediction. How many times have we heard that X was going to be the endi of civilization? Did any of the overpopulation garbage turn out to be even remotely on target? Nope. But overpopulation is a big deal again and for the same reasons (and largely from teh same folks) that warned us about it before.

    The sad thing Magus is that it’s not just health, it’s practically everything. The Oracle told Socrates he was the wisest man in greece b/c he knew how little he actually knew. Too bad more ‘experts’ don’t have the humility to admit that they have more questions than answers.

    Amos Volante said:
    December 17, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Hey Bill, those are some great ideas for career enhancement! I’m on a roll!

    First, I’ll invent the internet, then I’ll solve global warming (after I create it) then I’ll end racisom (while keeping minorities far enough away to remain grateful to me).

    All I need are some statistics. OK, who needs some federal grant money…?

    kernunos said:
    December 18, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    This all goes back to science in our institutions of higher learning. Most students do not care and only take science as an elective. Then in their(let’s say Biology 101) science class they are given an expiriment to perform. They are given an end result and must perform the expiriment to get their own conclusion. This is where the disconnect happens. This method is great for backing up findings or discrediting them. It is a ‘checks and balances’ for the scientific process. These students though, do not want to be there, already know the answer because they do not question science and would probably rather just text about how the funneled a six pack the night before. Therefore they end up just fudging the data a little bit. It is for the greater good after all. Science has already done their work for them and the goal is to get good grades isn’t it? Well, Global Warming advocate scientists are the same way to me. Just products of the modern age with a disconnect. The goal is a brighter future and now to make a career successful by earning money from government given grants to save the planet from our abuse. That is the goal of science and my part in the great scheme of things isn’t it? Who am I to question science?

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