Why I considered quitting blogging

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I’ve often thought about the thing I write about on this blog, how they may affect the Army’s morale, and what boundaries I may step over in regards to my thoughts on the current president. President Obama, is after all, my Commander in Chief.

Things like Twitter, Facebook and military blogs have become a rather large issue in the military culture. In some occasions, the Pentagon has outright declared war on social networking, and in other instances blogs are encouraged, and even used by people like General David Patreaus to communicate and lift the morale of troops. Heck, the chief of NATO has a Facebook page!

But then the real Army steps in. The one that simply can’t stand a free thinker. Apparently, al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Iran aren’t keeping out senior people busy enough, so they’ve set their sights on a decorated Master Sergeant named CJ Grisham, who for 6 years running has managed a popular blog that managed to ruffle some Royal commissioned Feathers.

So Grisham is forced to quit his blog.

So what’s little ‘ol me to do, I thought? If the Army will take down someone who’s been in for 15 years, surely it’ll stomp the crap out of someone who’s been in for 2.

Fact is, the Army needs to toughen up. It’ll be the first to tell a soldier, “stay flexible” (what they really mean is, our planning never goes the way we want, so be ready to do whatever at all times). Ok–the Army needs to be flexible, too. From what I’ve seen of the average soldier’s ability to read, write and spell, the Army should be encouraging blogging, not crushing it. And I refuse to write propaganda for the Army. I write propoganda for America, because I think America has it right and it’s truly troubling that the military would crush one of the very essential aspects of Americanism: Freedom of Speech.

I know I’ve been down on the Army in my most recent postings. But the Army needs a boot in the butt every now and then. And I figure I’m the perfect person for it, because if they piss me off enough, I’ll simply go do something else. I’ve done everything they’ve asked of me, and excelled. It’s a slap in the face to soldiers, who are told to go to the worst places on Earth, but cannot point out obvious problems right here in this organization without someone getting butt hurt.

Yeah, I considered quitting his blog. But I won’t. If I’m overseas fighting, the Taliban can pry my M-4 carbine from my cold, dead fingers. While I’m here in garrison, the Army can do the same with my keyboard.


2 thoughts on “Why I considered quitting blogging

    T. J. Babson said:
    December 19, 2009 at 4:30 pm


    I don’t know where you stand in terms of a college degree, but I highly recommend Excelsior College (https://www.excelsior.edu/) in terms of external degree programs. I went this route more than 20 years ago while I was an E5 in the USN. After getting out I went to grad school. It all worked out pretty well.

    Amos Volante said:
    December 19, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    The Army’s job is to absolutely master the art of national defense.

    Whatever the best method is for doing that should be followed.

    Factories have learned that by maintaining clean interiors, good working conditions, and treating employees well the result is (drum roll): Better products and higher efficiency!

    Now it’s the Army’s turn to grow out of the dark age.

    Can it be done?

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