This is what I was afraid of

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This report shows what I was afraid of all along with regards to the war in Afghanistan; the Afghani people simply don’t care if the Taliban is in power or not. The central government may actually be more corrupt than the Taliban.

We should have focused our attention on Taliban connections with al-Qaeda. There are more virulent forms of fundamentalist Islam all over the world–Iran for instance.

Given our current domestic budget crisis, the billions being spent on a country that doesn’t care if it has flushing toilets or not is a huge waste. Not to mention our troops are still getting killed.

This is now a war of impetus, not necessity.


4 thoughts on “This is what I was afraid of

    kernunos said:
    February 18, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Very much agree and I am hearing that the ‘ok’ by Obama to send the extra troops came with extra rules of engagement that have become even more burdensome if it can be believed. I have also heard that they are protecting population more than they are going after the insurgents.

    thinking... said:
    February 19, 2010 at 2:41 am


    “The central government may actually be more corrupt than the Taliban.”

    Isn’t corrupt a lesser form of evil than the Taliban?
    Isn’t corrupt on an entirely lesser scale of evil than the Taliban?
    I am not saying that countless mistakes weren’t made and that we ought do this or that now. I just hated certain implications one might draw from that sentence – before reading the rest of your post. In the grand scheme of things, in realpolitik, combined with the cost to prop up the corrupt government given our inept handling of the situation, I couldn’t care less whether the Taliban or the corrupt rule Afghanistan. But, the Taliban operate on another scale of evil, entirely apart from corruption. There is corruption in most every country in the world, probably disturbingly equivalent to that in Afghanistan. I think one thing that does exist in a corrupt country, though, is potential, hope. No hope with the Taliban. Disclaimer: again this speaks but to corrupt vs. the Taliban and not to any strategic or tactical ideas concerning Afghanistan.


    “I have also heard that they are protecting population more than they are going after the insurgents.”

    COIN isn’t all COIN is made out to be, it should not be the focus of our entire military establishment and our entire military establishment currently fails to understand the basic of real counterinsurgency, but…properly understood, in the intelligence vacuum we are in, this is the way ahead here. Establish security akin to what Maslow wrote about. Currently these people are operating at the very primitive level, survival is the only thing on their minds and security is necessary to lift them up to the point where anything that actually matters might happen. Security first, then they’ll tell us who the bad guys are because only then will they (1) trust us and (2) trust that the bad guys can’t get them. Disclaimer: this is assuming that we care about the Afghani people and care about catching the “bad” guys in and around Afghanistan.

    magus71 responded:
    February 19, 2010 at 12:10 pm


    My entire take on Afghanistan is that it’s importance in the Global War on Terror is exaggerated for political purposes.

    “See how GW Bush took his eye off he ball in Afghanistan and went tro Iraq. Afghanistan is the Good War. ”

    From the article I linked to, it dosn’t seem the people deem the Taliban as evil or hurtful, at least for now. I actually believe that current Taliban leadership understood their previous mistakes and even learned where al-Qaeda went wrong in Iraq when it started killing innocent Iraqis.

    Our involement in Afghanistan and most other places should be limited to protecting our interests, not changing a country that doesn’t want to be changed. We should confront radical Islam wherever it endangers us but I don’t believe this is the case, currently, with the Taliban, which is a very local Afghan issue.

    Amos Volante said:
    February 20, 2010 at 3:09 am

    Imagine if the Afghan Army deployed to the Southeastern USA to save us from the more fanatic factions of the Christian Right. You know: The racism, the nepotism in community politics and business, and corruption of church officials.

    Would you really want them here, in spite if the above flaws?

    Get it?

    I’m not a Righty Fanatic, but they don’t bug me enough to want the Afghan Army here.

    Why would any Afghani even care that we’re there?

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