Other soldiers feel the same about THe Hurt Locker

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Seems a lot of vets have the same sentiments about the movie, The Hurt Locker, as I do.

This USA TODAY article talks about soldier sentiments for the movie.


One thought on “Other soldiers feel the same about THe Hurt Locker

    Amos Volante said:
    February 23, 2010 at 2:26 am

    I recently found out Hurt Locker was made with an $11M budget.

    This causes me to rethink the scene in which the soldiers & mercenaries were ambushed by a building. Then I thought about it from an editing point of view and it just made me further think: Why all the awards?

    The fact that creatives never get within a billion miles of military service is truly the key here. Their war movies suck so badly that any time they make a reasonable effort they pat themselves on the back.

    Like the fat kid who runs cross-country for a year of high school: Instead of trying to win State, they get to celebrate merely finishing the runs, and losing 20 pounds they shouldn’t have been carrying. A great celebration within the family, but don’t try forcing all the kids in school to love your fat kid.

    I liked the film ok. The battle scenes reminded me of Heartbreak Ridge, an endearing yet corny B movie from days gone by. Also low budget, if I had to watch on of these films again I’d probably choose…

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