I guess we’ll just have to go door to door.

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US Marines are pummeling the hell out of the taliban in Marja. But it’s no thanks to our policies, which tell us that Marines and soldiers aren’t really as valuable as Afghans.

Pinned down and in need of air support? Ummm. Wellllll.


You may kill some civilians. What you say? The Marines themselves are in danger? Doesn’t matter. This is a political war and surely the American people will take just a few more casualties. The war would be a disaster though if an Afghani got killed. Sure.

It’s a good way too, to encourage the use of human shields. It’s already happening, and the tactic will quickly spread to other portions of the country.

Be humane, of course.

 Oh, and while I’m on this. What a bunch of strawman garbage this whole COIN thing has become. When haven’t we been humane, to the point of ensuring our own troops die? Tell me. The only thing we ever needed from the very beginning of both the Iraq and Aghanistan wars was more troops. Most people don’t understand how small the US military is.

At this point I’m not for pulling all our troops out of Afghanistan. It would be a slap in the face to those who have sacrificed in this new surge. The Taliban, as I’ve written before, can be defeated. But plan on decades to pass before the country is anything close to a nice place to live. Most of us won’t see the day.

No, at this point we must push on. Door to door, house to house. We’ll defeat the Taliban, of this I have no doubt. And let it be a testament to the kind of people that serve as US Marines. The kind of people that decide to serve and give back to this greatest of nations. Professionals to the core, heroes to the last.

I’d suggest you pick up a fine book that I’m reading now. I’d read a few short reviews of it and they all but drooled, which of course made me sceptical. But a sceptic, too, must dip his foot in the water. The book is Joker One, by Donovan Campbell, and it tells the story of a Marine platoon in the middle of Ramadi, a snow-balling insurgency chasing after them. I highly recommend it.


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