Shut Up and Act

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Tom, Matt Damon and George Clooney--have a cup! Actually, have two!

In a recent interview, self appointed history guru Tom Hanks stated that we killed the Japanese in WWII because “they were different.” He than goes on to imply that this is what is happening with Islam now. Please read the interview of Shangri La Tom here:

Yes, Tom- The Japanese were different. They loved mass torture and mass experimentation resulting in death. In fact, they were so different, they even decided to bomb Pearl Harbor when nobody else thought it was a good idea.

Yes, Tom, we called them bad names, like slant-eyes. Ever been in a fight, Tom? People call each other all kinds of bad names. One time a kid in school even called me a jerk as we tussled! Imagine the grief I’ve suffered for the past decades.

What these idiots in Hollywood don’t seem to understand is that they are rich, not because they are smart, or really important, but because we live in an era when technology allows the instataneous distribution of their product to millions of people. If Hula Hoop salesman could muster technology that made their products suddenly appear on the laps of drunk girls who had the urge to gyrate their hips, I suspect they’d be being interviewed too for their incredibly incisive views on history.

It’s terrible how much these knuckleheads have affected the people of the US and thus affected politics .


One thought on “Shut Up and Act

    Amos Volante said:
    March 12, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    Are you sure we didn’t nuke Japan just because we thought they looked different?

    As long as we’re changing history: How about paying some reparation money to Japanese people who weren’t even alive then?

    And let’s stop attacking those who blew up the twin towers because, as Tom has pointed out:

    Japan and the Middle East are so similar…and yes, blowing up New York, or Pearl Harbor, does make you different.

    How else would we know which countries to invade?!

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