Women in the Army

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Women in the military is related to the issue of gays in the military. The argument for including gays and women (especially women in combat) in the military usually starts with this assumption: That gays are like straight men and women in all aspects except that they are gay, and that women are like men in all things except that they are women.

A close inspection of reality shows this to be rhetoric based on wishful thinking.

I’ll speak now of my own observations and experiences in regards to women in the military environment while I’ve served in the  Army, starting with basic training.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Ft. Jackson, for my ten weeks of hell and humiliation, was that drill sergeants suddenly gained a sense of humor when interacting with female Soldiers. They spent more time with them, “mentored” them more often, encouraged them more  and spoke in softer tones to them.

At first I shrugged this off and even gained a sense of hope from this: The drill sergeants were human after all. However, the interactions between many of the DSs and the females quickly deteriorated into a nearly incestuous daddy-daughter relationship.

I will be frank, and in doing so I will piss off my fair share of feminists and liberals. What’s new. I saw, and so even did the male  20 year olds without much life experience, that women get treated differently in the Army. And, the girls adored the drill sergeants. The image of power and absolute control, the unknown characteristics of each man under the hat had a remarkable effect on the girls in particular, though I must confess that even some young men seemed to fall under the sway of Stockholm Syndrome. But with the women, it was sexual. Many girls would flirt openly, even following DSs around to help them with various tasks. And the DSs usually did not stop these types of interactions.

On one occasion, my platoon sergeant in basic, whom out of all the DSs I respected most (he was extremely competent in his Soldiering skills, tough, direct and what I believe is a true leader), during one of our nightly round tables with the drill sergeant, outright told one of the girls, “You–stop flirting with my drill sergeants”. It gave me hope that someone besides me noticed.

Eventually, one drill sergeant lost rank and his hat. One morning at around 0400 hours, another drill sergeant caught him in a room with a female Soldier without a “Battle Buddy” (second Soldier), which was in violation of the rules. I believe the two formed a sexual relationship, also against the rules. Not to defend the DS, who was a prick of the highest order, but the girl–I say girl, but she was old enough to have a Bachelor’s degree–slobbered all over him for weeks. Everywhere he was–so was she, standing in a puddle of her own drool.

I shared a bay with almost 60 Soldiers, most of them younger than me. I saw the effects on morale the sexual tension and resultant DS leniency toward women had on these still developing men. They complained openly about the girls who stuck their hips out, batted their eyes, giggled–and received all the benefits we’d expect of a girl who did the same thing in a bar. Well,  instead of free drinks, they got yelled at less.

It seems to me that the physical deficiencies in women when it comes to combat need little attention, but I’ll give you some anecdotes. During several of our forced marches in Basic, the females would grab on to the packs of male Soldiers, pulling themselves along and increasing the difficulty of the man’s march. The women could not pull their bodies over obstacles. On one occasion while were on Victory Tower, a team building exercise in which Solidiers have to help one another move up the levels of the wooden structure, I dropped a women who simply could not move herself. Now, I’ll admit my weaknesses–but physical strength isn’t one of them. I reached down to with one arm to help her up, as I’d done with several male Soldiers throughout the exercise. She could not move herself even a foot as I pulled her arm. Eventually, her grip failed, and when hers went, so did mine. She hit her hand on the wooden platform below before landing on a pad on the ground.  I felt terrible. I’d let someone down. And I would not make excuses if I thought it were negligence on my part. The DS who would later be demoted for his interaction with the female, took the opportunity to belittle me in front of my platoon. The female cried for hours, something any man would be ashamed to do.   The young men were outraged, and expressed it in our barracks. They knew what kind of Soldier I was and what kind of physical conditioning I maintained. Not once did a DS say to the girl: “You need to lose weight and get stronger.” She did need both.

An obvious argument showing that the military doesn’t really care about the real physical realities of Soldiering, it only cares that it can be as fair as any other government mchine, is the physical fitness test. An 18 year old girl must perform 18 pushups in two minutes, while an 18 year old boy must perform 42. It’s as if we think the Taliban or the weight of a rucksack works on a sliding scale.

The sexual silver cord between men and women in the Army is more evident than in any other place I have worked. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because there are fewer women and the men have to compete harder to gain their favor. Perhaps it’s what happens to the male libido and ego when he’s put in uniform and into a fraternal organization. Perhaps it’s just plain culture. But it’s a real problem and I see daily how it affects men’s ability to impose discipline in a fair way between the sexes. It seems every young NCO always hopes that by being lenient, he can get a piece–and in many cases his hopes are fulfilled.

I see female Soldiers that routinely whine to the right people to get out of duties men are forced to perform. Going to the field for instance. Women hate it. It’s too physical. They get out of it though.

When I was in the field this weekend, I kept pointing out to a sergeant who trained with me, the absurd affections displayed openly by male instructors toward females, as well as other things I saw that bothered me. On one occasion, an instructor kept cracking jokes with female students, over and over, and repeatedly he picked them out of the squads for demonstration purposes–many of which required touching the female. On another occasion, I noticed that several high ranking Soldiers and officers sat together at the back of the dining facility. Huddled around them and listening attentively–was every single female Soldier in the room. It was like Daddy was reading a bed time story.

Rarely can a female Soldier walk down a hallway without getting an oblique: How you doin’? , from a male.

From what I have seen, females compromise unit Esprit de Corps, the equal dispensation of justice and work, and their physical shortcoming compromise mission. They are not aggressive in a physical setting, and the instinct to decimate an enemy doesn’t seem to enter their minds. Not to mention that the rampant disease of infidelity stalks every battalion hallway; Which Captain is sleeping with which married Major this week?

 The brotherhood that must remain strong in combat is fractured when Eros steps on scene. And it’s for that reason, if we truly believe what we say when we say that unit cohesion is the single most important factor when it comes to war fighting, that I believe the benefit of women in the military is questionable, and when it comes to combat, is downright stupid. Social engineering may well result in future losses on the battlefield, and we’ll keep denying the facts in order make ourselves look apropos. We insist the world be fair. The enemy only insists on winning.

The Army retains only 25% of its recruits after an initial contract expires. This is a travesty. One reason is that men see how women effect the Army. How it’s more like pretend time than serious business. Men are leaving, in some cases, because of this, and it’s just one example of how political correctness is killing our military. Major Hasan is another.

But of course, I’m shoveling back the tide. Women in the military aren’t going away. This is another reason I’m hesitant to let open gays in; even if it’s proven to cause severe problems, once the rule is removed, it’s gone for good. So goes the Law of Entropy.

On the last day of training last week, I strode into the latrine and sat down to enjoy the colorful graffiti on the stall walls. Someone had written in marker the following:

“Female Soldiers run NCOs”. An arrow led to someone else’s wisdom: “You should have joined the infantry.”

5 thoughts on “Women in the Army

    Amos Volante said:
    March 28, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    I loathe bathroom wall graffiti, but:

    How true!

    Lou said:
    March 29, 2010 at 12:43 am

    I have to agree on all points. Women are the weaker vessel and there has to be a different standard for women or they bring the standard down. I raised my daughter to be strong and courageous, but not in the military (as she would have liked). But she will be prepared to raise strong and courageous sons who will be warriors.

    Specialist Anon said:
    May 21, 2010 at 5:37 am

    I too took a break from the daily grind of duty and sat and reflected in that same stall. I could not have agreed more with the comment and daydreamed of switching to a ranger batallion while relieving myself of the MRE I had for lunch that day. It was especially pertient because a brand new E-6 (she got her rank because she knows exactly how many creams and sugars go in every officers coffee FOR THE ENTIRE BRIGRADE(its written in her notebook and she actually told me to study it if I want to get ahead) had 4 seperate fraternization complaints filed against her during the 18 days we were in Graf, one of which was witnessed by two E-5’s from my unit and 3 MP’s doing guard in the training area. Her punishment was an ARCOM and a coin from the general…

    Alyssa Johnson said:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:02 am

    I am a female who just finished reading this post. And. I…LOVED IT. I am sick of feminist liberals crying out social inequality when it comes to this. I grew up dreaming of being on the front line, and I used to curse the Army for not giving me that opportunity. Not too long ago I would have read this article and cursed you, too! (No offense) But now I find solace and relief in well-constructed articles like the one you just wrote. My fiancee is in the Army now, and finally getting to see a female soldier in “action”…..I was appalled. The flirting you spoke of was no exaggeration, and these “honorable defenders of America” would do so to my fiancee right in front of me, knowing exactly who I was! After truly looking into the matter, farther than my personal judgments and biases, I have come to the same conclusion you have: get women out of the military. I truly believe that men and women are distractions to each other. In any work area, they should be separated – imagine how much more work would get done if the sexual tension were not a factor, and the constant flirting/drama with relationships (usually dishonorable, too) disappeared? I do not think that one gender gets a job done better than another by default, so let men and women have all the same jobs – just keep them separated!! The Army is for MEN – not boys – not girls – and not even women. Anthropologically speaking, we are weaker; could I personally win a fight against an averaged-sized guy? Yes. Easily. My father was in the service and I grew up trained as a son. I can shoot better than most, and am specially trained in various forms of martial arts, weaponry, and combat tactics. I’m tough. But – I’m a girl. You see, this used to be my argument as to why I should be allowed in the military (I was once so ignorant). But I am a woman, and women should not be fighting in the Army side by side with men. I feel an all female service would be very successful, and I’m sure they’d get a lot done. And with the Army being back to all male, we’d start demolishing in wars, not just barely getting by in them. It’s the distraction that is screwing everything up. My fiancee is currently swinging back and forth between remaining in the service after his initial contract ends, and it is because of the women. They lower the standards, and they just cause problems. Michael said that on the first day in basic, the females had already started causing problems. During times where it was all male, he found everybody worked better and thus he felt the true brotherhood of the Army – that went away every time a female arrived. Biologically speaking, men and woman are supposed to be attracted to each other and are supposed to be of use to each other for one purpose; reproduction. Even with the restrictions (which are not followed) the basic human instinct remains and will always conquer. The intercourse leads to the infidelity issue, which is a different story that I will write passionately about for hours. If men and women were separated in the military, the rates of infidelity would plummet, and families would not be as easily destroyed. I want to say more, but I must get some sleep, as I have a job to get to in the morning – in which I (proudly) don’t have contact with males – our company gets our work done!
    Alyssa Johnson
    Proud Republican
    Proud Female (NOT FEMINIST)
    Proud Army Brat
    Proud (soon to be!) Army Wife
    The author of this article – I would love to speak more with you about this, since it is very hard to find people who will openly agree with me on this, since I am a woman and they either a) don’t want to “hurt my feelings” or b) I am talking to a woman and she finds me an abomination to the female race. It would be nice to have contact with someone who holds the same views I do.
    I won’t give out my e-mail address publicly, for obvious reasons, but you can find me on facebook (I know, so cliche) at Alyssa Johnson Dance (it’s a community page) and then find my personal page from there. If not, I hope you find solace in knowing there are women who agree wholeheartedly with you – like me. God Bless, and Stay Strong

    John said:
    August 5, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    As one of the 75%, I have to say your post is perfect. I went to Fort Jackson as well and can vouch for everything you said. “incestuous daddy-daughter relationship” sums it up well.

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