Karzai defaults to Islam’s standard excuse: It’s America’s fault

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It’s no surprise. Afghan President Hamid Karzai now thinks America intends to dominate the AfPak region and believes the US poses a threat to peace between the Taliban.

It’s as old as the resentment the high school loner without a girlfriend has for the school’s quarterback. When you can’t get the job done yourself, blame the shining star.

I believe Karzai’s been co-opted. He stole the election, and President Obama recently told him that the needed changes to Afghanistan’s central government aren’t coming quickly enough. Karzai senses that American patience–and firepower are coming to an end, and now he needs to start hedging his bets. He’s shaking hands with Iran’s Ahmadinejad now and that’s never a good sign.

This is why I’m not a classic Neo-Conservative. I don’t think we can change culture with war, at least not a Western style of war. We could change it if we were willing to be brutal, but we’re not. Rome proved the that the pen is only mightier than the sword if the sword remains in the scabbard.

It’s time to admit that Afghanistan is no different from all the other countries is the Middle East, except for Israel (the only fully functioning democracy in the region and the one most picked at by liberals…strange eh?). It rejects wisdom, clings to myth, and is quick to blame others for its failure. 

Karzai stole his election, but we’re stuck with him. But we don’t have to go down with his sinking ship.


One thought on “Karzai defaults to Islam’s standard excuse: It’s America’s fault

    Amos Volante said:
    April 3, 2010 at 2:37 am

    Somehow…I think we do.

    I seem to recall reaching a point with Iran that we sold them F-14s…and now look at relations.

    We’re learning what any kid from the burbs learns when he makes friends with a kid from The Hood: first you learn that they are human and want what you want:

    Then you realize the tolerable ones don’t stay in the hood: They break out and come live in the burbs.

    Then you realize there is no more need for nice suburban kids to hang out in The Hood:

    Unless it has something to do with a dope deal…

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