We’ve lost Hamid Karzai

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Recently, I wrote a post about Afghan President Hamid Karzai insinuating that America is fighting in his country in order to take control of the region.

In just couple of days, things have gotten worse.

Karzai, while speaking in a private meeting, said that he would join the Taliban if UN control of the election committe is not relinquished to him.

Folks, this is yet another beginning of another end in Afghanistan. Karzai got caught with his pants down when the UN found massive amounts of fraud–almost all of it in Karzai’s favor–in the election. He’s deathly afraid that America will hold him accountable for reigning in corruption, the Afghan pass time. Sources say Karzai’s incensed at Barack Obama’s statements that Afghanistan is not making progress quickly enough, hinting that the American presence there is coming to an end.

Karzai entertains Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, pulls out the classic Islamist excuse of American conspiracy, then quips about joining the Taliban–all in less than a month.

Only a Junior International Relations student could believe at this point that any hope remains in making Afghanistan into a stable, viable state. Expect things to get a lot worse.


One thought on “We’ve lost Hamid Karzai

    Amos Volante said:
    April 7, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Unfortunately most of the general public knows substantially less than the the junior IR student you make reference to.

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