Fair play with the bomb?

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Do you want a convicted murderer, recently released from prison, to be able to carry a firearm at his discretion? Probably not. How much less do we want criminal states with deployable nuclear weaponry?

There’s a fad argument afoot. It states that we should allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, because anything else would prove us to be hippocrits. Though intellectuals use this argument often, it is actually incredibly shallow and short sighted. It is quite clear to most, that if an American city is incinerated by a nuclear bomb, the last thing anyone watching the horror on the news will think is: “At least we were fair and allowed them to have nukes.”

Do we worry about Britain dropping The Bomb on us? France? Clearly this is not just about us having nukes and no one else. It’s about abiding by a realist’s outlook: That those who state their emnity with you and ignore the most basic of human rights should not be allowed to have such powerful weapons.

Most likely, even the fairness argument is just a facet of the fashionable (for about the last 50 years) habit of criticizing America but ignoring mass murder in the rest of the world. Ask the cursed people of Darfur what a rabid anti-neocon ever did for them.


One thought on “Fair play with the bomb?

    Amos Volante said:
    April 17, 2010 at 3:39 am

    Iran should be embarrassed:

    It’s trying to produce nukes, but it’s people are destitute.

    That’s like having 24″ chrome wheels on your car, a MAC11 submachine gun, and a bumpin stereo, but not being able to buy diapers and baby medicine.

    Hey, wait a minute…

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