90 percent of Philidelphia youth are ineligible for military service

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A recent study of Philidelphia youth aged 18-24 shows that 90 percent cannot serve in the military due to obesity, lack of education, or criminal history.

This doesn’t suprise me at all. I know I sound like all of our parents: “Back in my day, we used to walk to school, ten miles, uphill both way!”

But maybe, just maybe, our parents were telling the truth.

The utter lack of reading and writing skills, logical capabilies and physical readiness are absolutely awful. A high ranking Army official stated recently that the physical fitness level of America’s youth will in all probability present a national security risk in 10 years. I don’t question this at all.

We’ve all but lost our youth. We pat ourselves on the back for expecting nothing from them, expecting them to mature “organically”. We’ve gotten from them just what we’ve required: Very little.


3 thoughts on “90 percent of Philidelphia youth are ineligible for military service

    Bill said:
    June 19, 2010 at 2:10 am

    You know, throughout history every generation thinks they might be the end of the line. In great civilizations, every generation thinks that might be it for the great civilization. I don’t know if America is over, I mean, there are still a lot of talented, smart, hard working folks here. But when you look at how hard the ruling class seems to be working to destroy or at least greatly limit our future,coupled with stuff like this, you honestly have to wonder if our civilization isn’t honestly committing a slow painful suicide?

    Hell, when I think about it, virtually every WWII vet that i know, family, friends granparents etc, every one I can think of actually lied so they could get into the military.. I mean they lied about their age. The thought of them being unfit to serve is hard to even fathom – let alone 90% of them.

    We can only hope the sampling wasn’t done very representatively or that it’s just a philly thing (although I’m not so sure about the second one)

    magus71 responded:
    June 19, 2010 at 8:26 am

    According to the report, 75% nationally, are unfit to serve. So Philly is really bad, but the rest isn’t particularly good.

    Amos Volante said:
    June 19, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Just so you don’t think you’re getting foggy in your old age, Magus, here are 3 places we used to walk to as kids, measured from my house, courtesy of Googlemaps. Multiply by 2 for round trip foot mileage:

    1. Herbert Sargent School: 1.5 miles

    2. Helen Hunt School: 2.1 miles

    3. Old Town HS to use the public pool in summer: 1.4 miles
    a. The pool required a PT test to be allowed to use the 12 foot area, without regard to age!

    So, if you multiply by 2 you get a lot of “Uphill both ways” for two kids from a small town in Maine.

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