Liberal McChrystal eaten by his own

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Rumor has it that General McChrystal was an uber liberal who went so far as to ban Fox News from his office. This would explain why he’d let self-proclaimed ambush artist Michael Hastings into the fold and why Obama gave McChrystal the job in the first place.

Here’s Michael Hastings proving he’s scum in an interview with GQ mag:

But “The dance with staffers is a perilous one. You’re probably not going to get much, if any, one-on-one time with the candidate, which means your sources of information are the people who work for him. So you pretend to be friendly and nonthreatening, and over time you “build trust,” which everybody involved knows is an illusion. If the time comes, if your editor calls for it, you’re supposed to fuck them over”

In this piece, see all of the proof we need to identify Hastings as a far-left radical. He’s friends with Rachel Maddow…’nuff said.


One thought on “Liberal McChrystal eaten by his own

    Amos Volante said:
    July 5, 2010 at 3:08 am

    Well, I voted for Obama, too.

    McChrystal is a dose of caffeine and cyanide America needs running the guns. I’m sure he’ll retire soon, but what a loss!

    No president is Satan, but the fact remains that modern democrats, the liberals of today, are champions of social and environmental causes. This is good if you have a social cause.

    Unfortunately, this does not imbue the will to wage war. War is like the railroad:

    To build it you must build tracks. If people refuse to let you build tracks: You must build tracks on their fucking graves.

    Ooooh, did I just say something inflammatory and evil? Do you want to build a railroad, or not?

    If the answer is yes, then no amount of discussion will change the fact that you must destroy anyone in your way and succeed. Just like war.

    No amount of scholarly discussion can change that. The only thing we need to do in Afghanistan is kill. After that we can win hearts, when there is nobody left to get in the way of our railroad tracks.

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