I know I’ll take a beating for this

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In case you didn’t know, Mel Gibson has a temper problem. 

But let me just say this: I’ve seen men driven to insanity by bad relationships. Men better than I. I’ve had my battles with insanity myself. There’s a million sad and angry songs because of relationship pain.

There’s no excuse for Mel Gibson if he hit  Oksana Grigorieva, his girlfriend with whom he’s had a child. I’m a big proponent of personal responsibility. The easiest way to make the world better is to quit worrying about everyone else and work on ourselves.

Mel should have known better. But Mel fell for the oldest trick in the book: A younger woman with fake boobs.
Oh yeah, she was Russian, too.

Mel Gibson left his wife of 30 years and started a relationship with  Grigorieva. His divorce is not yet final. He’s admitted in interviews that his ex-wife  was a much better person than he, that he has a legion of personal demons, including alcoholism.

When I hear the tapes leaked to the media, I hear jealousy, the most virulent and extreme emotion in human experience. Cain killed Abel because he was jealous. But again, Mel should have known better. A woman who pays so much attention to her looks is trouble. Plus, she has millions to gain. Mel had little to gain.

Critics should be careful. I’d like to know what many of them have said or done in the heat of the moment when they’ve fought with their partners.

The best thing that can happen for Mel Gibson is that he stay completely away from  Grigorieva. He will need his friends. His real friends who don’t care about his millions. Someone who’ll just sit and talk, because I know–I just know–that Gibson feels bad about what he did and said. I’m not saying that feeling bad is enough, but his rage dulled his good sense.

And sorry, but my instincts scream when I see  Grigorieva. She selectively released some tapes. She denies releasing them. Who did? I’m sure she acted like the perfect angel while on tape, but I’m sure she knows the buttons to push to get Mel going. And it’s perfect timing, what with their custody battle meaning millions of dollars for her if she wins.

So again. Mel’s friends need to keep him away from her. There’ll be no sanity in him until she’s out of the picture. Give her her millions and just let her go, Mel. There’s plenty of other good looking younger women who want your cash.

And your movies, Braveheart, The Passion of The Christ, and Apocalypto are still some of the best movies I’ve ever seen.


3 thoughts on “I know I’ll take a beating for this

    Amos Volante said:
    July 15, 2010 at 1:22 am

    It’s so easy to gang up on Mel, what with racism, misogyny, and fierce anger, but do you remember that academy video of the Maine State Trooper on the car stop?

    We all watch the angry motorist screaming at the trooper so loud his voice actually goes hoarse. Then the narrator cites the motorists awful driving record. We all laugh as the trooper says he will cite the motorist for littering if he does not pick up the ticket he just threw on the ground out of anger. The motorist goes livid and we all laugh at what an idiot he must be…

    Until: We find out this trooper got the motorist maxed out on rage before reaching down and hitting “Record”.

    Listen to the voice recording. If you got your mate that fired up, would you be chatting away calmly and ignoring his angst, whether his fault or your own?

    That recording was the result of a woman driven to WIN. Not heal, not expose an abuser, not set up good relations with the father of her child: Her goal was victory!

    If we could only prosecute Afghanistan with such coldhearted zeal.

    kernunos said:
    July 15, 2010 at 5:12 am

    Mel Gibson is the perfect distraction for the Leftist mainstream media. Mel has his problems and if he broke the law he should be dealt with accordingly. The media, of course, is hung up on his racist rants. Yes, they were but as Magus more clearly laid out what happened, racism is the least of his worries here. What gets me is this was a private conversation and the media thinks the racism is such a big deal. Should someone be listenning into our private conversations from now on to see if racism occurs? This is domestic violence just as has been happening from the beginning of man and woman as an item. Man falls for sexy babe, babe plays man that obviously already has substance abuse and anger problems(and has tons of moola) and voila, man loses it. I’ve had worse said to me by another woman. One that threatenned to beat herself and then call the police on me. On another occasion I was told I better call the police before she burned the house down. I eventually did call the authorities and they took her aside to ask if I had laid a hand on her. The nerve. Luckily she laughed at them and said “..he call you guys on me.”. Like I said, I think racism is the least of his worries but that is what the drive-by media is focusing on.

    Here is a good one they are dropping the ball on though. This one is huge yet the Lefty media will not cover it. Only ‘crazy’ Glenn Beck, and ‘assholes’ like Rush. The DOJ completely drops a case against a Black Panther Party member for voter intimidation. This is from an organization led by Eric holder that last year told America it was full of cowards for not facing racism.

    Here is a little background for you on the case and events.

    Here is a little background on the offender. A fine young man that advocates killing ‘ cracker babies’ in public.

    Here is a funny recent Town Hall meeting where a Representative from California denied that this happened and then just said it was an internet rumor. .


    He later covered his tracks after the meeting by claiming the media he watched did not cover the incident. Well, the mainstream media has not been covering this series of events. Why? You make the call

    magus71 responded:
    July 15, 2010 at 5:31 am

    And then she takes the tapes to a tabloid….

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