Take all domestic issues with a grain of salt

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Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when one side has produced professionally made recordings and tampered with them.

Here, professional forensic scientists who’ve analyzed the Mel Gibson recordings, revealed by Radar online, say  that someone altered the tapes.

It was obvious to me that the tapes did not reveal the whole context of the conversation. I’ve arrested plenty of men for domestic violence in my days on the force. It took me about two years before I realized that I had to carefully analyse the situation and take everything with a degree of suspicion. The women tended to try to hurt in very sneaky ways, while the men were more direct. I arrested one guy, whom I remember in particular because I chased him around his kitchen while he wore only underwear. Later on, I came to the conclusion that she’d lied to get him arrested. The guy was not a nice fellow–he had plenty of run-ins with the law, but so did she. Still, she marked herself up in obvious ways and than called the cops because she was mad at him. Later, she refused to testify.

This also shows that men, many times, are incapable of making good decisions in the presence of sexual stimulus. I guarantee that for the last year or so, Mel Gibson’s head has been spinning so fast he can barely stand. Studies also show that men take break-ups much harder, becoming almost 7 times more likely to kill themselves. Some of this is cultural, as it seems that women have an easier time finding replacements.

And just because Gibson is acting this way with Grigorieva, doesn’t mean he’s always acted this way. It’s a myth that the actions of others have no affect on our own actions. Gibson’s ex-wife of 28 years, Robyn Gibson,  filed documents stating that Gibson was never abusive.

Sorry Fem-Nazis. I don’t condone domestic violence. What I do condone is Gibson leaving the obviously manipulative, overly-dolled up gold digger. Some women just drive men nuts. There’s a better life out there. Let her roast in her own misery. The plastic won’t hold up for ever.


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