The European way of war

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Well, from being in Afghanistan and getting to travel a bit, I think I can comment on the european way of war. And it ain’t pretty.

Mostly the Europeans hang out, drink wine and beer and avoid combat at all costs, even if it means paying off the bad guys to not attack them. Yes, it happens. I won’t name the countries that do it, but there are a few that have been rumored ( I use the term rumor loosely) to pay the Taliban to leave them alone.

I’ve long talked about military culture and how if you try to make your army like all the rest of your population, you’re asking for trouble. A good military should be like a good police dog; it must want to fight, but it must instantly respond to the wishes of its civilian masters. You want the dog to be uber aggressive, but also disciplined. The idea that a good army can walk around all weepy-eyed wishing it didn’t have to kill anyone makes for a good John LeCarre novel, but the Romans would have been trounced by a Pict with a butter knife if it were the case.

The Europeans felt ashamed for what the did in WWI and WWII. They tried to destroy any hint of militarism. And they succeeded. Americans do 90% of combat ops in Afghanistan, yet we account for only about 50% of the multi-national force. In some cases, many accuse the Europeans of outright cowardice, particularly in the case of the Dutch, who are well known to have made their military a social science experiment.

It’s funny that progressives always want to use the European way to defend gays in the military. But gays bring a culture with them. Actually, that’s a perfect term for the “gay life style” : a culture. And believe me, that culture isn’t one that you want our warriors having. So, looking at the results the Europeans have gotten in trying to make their military a perfect little society, i see that they’ve managed to make their fighting forces perfectly impotent.

They should copy us, not the other way around.


2 thoughts on “The European way of war

    kernunos said:
    November 13, 2010 at 4:38 am

    The Brittish lost 1.1 million troops in WWI and the Germans basically had to surrender because they were running out of men and supplies. My how things have changed.

    Amos Volante said:
    November 13, 2010 at 4:48 am

    There is no doubt that on the Man-Scale of warfighting, the European nations are a bunch of worthless pussies.

    You can add as much eloquence as you want, but that’s the meat of it: They can’t fight.

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