I’m just not that offended

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My liberal friends are pissed at me. My conservative friends are pissed at me. Sorry everyone, but I’m just not that offended by the TSA pat down process. Maybe I’ve lost my edge, but I don’t think so because I’m still for killing terrorists. Janet Napolitano is not qualified for her job, but that’s not the particular issue here. Even my favorite author Ralph Peters is against the pat down.

I see a lot of chain-reaction outrage. People see the news reporting all the outrage going on, and suddenly, “How outrageous”! I keep seeing it on Drudge Report, which I look at daily–all the outrage. Sure, much of what the TSA does is stupid, but not outrageous. Much what of our government does as a whole is short-sighted and stupid. The new health care for instance. Add 32,000,000 patients but tell us it’ll be cheaper? Hmm. Didn’t quite work out.

I keep trying to feel offended. I really do. I keep imagining over and over being screened and becoming so enraged that I renounce my citizenship for free-er lands, such as Venezuela, but I just can’t summon the angst over the pat down.

Maybe it’s because I’m in the Army and so used to having my “rights” trampled on that a simple pat down seems more like a free rub down to me. I mean, I’m subject to supplying the Army with urine during random drug tests in which a fellow NCO glares at my junk while I give a sample. And not through an x-ray machine’s screen, either. Further more, when I was living in the barracks, the Army could at will come in to my room on a “Health and welfare” check and take a gander through all my stuff.

Did the Army become un-American by doing so?

I thought I was the only “right winger” who wasn’t outraged and the only liberal who didn’t feel a twinge more self-serving, self-hate. But no. I looked on my friend and author’s Facebook page, John Ringo, and he thought it was rather amusing, the whole thing. He too was in the Army and has had so many run-ins with foreign security services that he found a recent situation where TSA searched US soldiers returning from war, for two hours, just stupid, not outrageous. They all had weapons, too. He just pointed out that it was dumb of TSA to even bother with military chartered flights, given that all soldiers come back with weapons.

Seems that TSA has become the punching bag of both the right and the left, whom hate them for different reasons; the left because they are the brood of the War on Terror, and the right because TSA is viewed as an intrusive government organ. But TSA in its current capacity could never be as intrusive as the IRS because if people became so offended at the security measures being taken, they’d just stop flying and collapse the industry. At which point the government would just renege on all the offensive security measures. People would have to stop working to avoid the IRS, which is an impossibility so the IRS is far more powerful than TSA. Then I just think about what George washington and Nathanael Greene did to American troops who misbehaved: They beat them with sticks and whips. But we’re on the verge of Orwellian interlude for a pat down.

The terrorists haven’t won, they won’t win, they can’t win. But neither can murderers, rapists, or thieves win. Yet justice demands we address those issues. And so, I’m for the pat down because I believe it closes an obvious window of opportunity for people who’ve been given every opportunity to kill us. We give them civilian trials, and lose, we refuse to profile, even though 95% of terrorists are Muslim, and we release men from Gitmo to gain political power, only to have them return to fight and kill Americans again.

So I’ll keep my rage for dead Americans. I’ll keep my rage for the fight at hand and I’ll remember Thomas Jefferson’s words, when he issued the orders on how to handle the Barbary Pirates: “Destroy them for their impudence.”

And we will.

5 thoughts on “I’m just not that offended

    Royce said:
    November 20, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    I don’t whether to laugh or cry! The entire security process is annoying, disruptive, and sort of stupid since 99.9% of the people being annoyed and disruptive don’t fit the profile — oops — not allowed to profile people due to the strong organization protecting our rights — the ACLU. I feel so much better knowing that the ACLU has so effectively protected the rights of those who are trying to kill us. The TSA grope is just the latest form of political correct madness. Inspecting returning soldiers as “potential” terrorists really had me laughing. THAT IS ALMOST THE DEFINITION OF GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATIC THINKING

    It’s been a long time since I have conducted an “Inspection” but I never heard it called a “Health and Welfare” check. Not only that I was expected to conduct a barracks inspection every day and objections weren’t tolerated or expected. Of course punishment usually was just getting hollered at by me or in bad cases turned over to the appropriate Sergeant for “retraining”. Relative to having anyone look at or “check” my “junk” I was naked so often in front of so many people that even today my wife hollers at me for lack of modesty.

    I’m planning a trip to Texas soon and I will report on the quality of the grope — scored on throughness, completeness, and pleasure.


    magus71 responded:
    November 20, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    I completely agree that we could forego all o fthis if we profiled. But I don’t see that happening.

    WTP said:
    November 20, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    You and me both.

    The security situation definitely sucks, but given the limited alternatives that our polarized society is willing to consider, it’s what needs to be done. Aside from profiling and similarly “unconscionable” non-options, those doing the most complaining are offering no alternatives.

    We live in an America that has no ability to deal with adversity. During WWII, my relatives (those who hadn’t been drafted, aka enslaved, into the army) had to put up with rationing, curfews, and blackout curtains. Blackout curtains in Pittsburgh. Like the Nazis (let alone the Japs) had any capacity to get that far inland.

    Living in Florida, we had a few hurricanes right in a row about 6 years ago. Some people had to be without power for a week. Listening to the complaining was both embarrassing and demoralizing. It was at this point that I finally admitted to myself what I’ve always suspected of every generation that followed the so-called Greatest Generation. We’re mostly a bunch of pussies. To have to go without electricity, but to still have 1) running water 2) swimming pools 3) screened-in homes/patios 4) mosquito control 5) functioning law and order 6) access to plenty of ice and food 7) Malls and movie theaters to go to that did have air conditioning AND TO STILL BITCH MOAN was absolutely pathetic. The conditions were much better than any Boy Scout camp out I ever went on. When I pointed this out to some of my friends, one actually complained that I wasn’t a “normal” person because my father had taught me to be a little more resilient due to HIS experiences back in WWII. We live in a society that has lost its mind.

    Amos Volante said:
    November 21, 2010 at 3:02 am

    I got embarrassed in Seoul recently. I am Middle Eastern in appearance and ethnicity and forgot to remove a few bullets from my carry on. Nobody from TSA spotted them, but the guys on the X-ray in Seoul saw them instantly.

    They did not mind a bit asking me all about my business, but they did a very peculiar thing the Americans just won’t do:

    They did a thorough interview making sure I really was who I purported to be, they took extra extra care as I was neither military nor ‘local’ in appearance (as the EOD guy said, “You look like them”.) and they used no technology or butt groping to come to their conclusions.

    They used interviewing skills, just like the Israelis. And a tiny bit of extra interviewing for someone who looks like me, but without offending me one bit.

    You would have to be pretty soft to get upset at some profiling. To other Arabs I say this: Quit bitching. Getting blown up probably hurts! I do not understand our country’s obsession with not profiling when we’re TRYING TO PREVENT BOMBS ON PLANES!

    Get over it. And get groped.


    Lou said:
    November 21, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I didn’t comment on your “Tyner & junk” post, but I found it interesting. I thought you had some great points. Then I went to my usual conservative friend’s posts and read their outrage at TSA. Personally, I’m not that outraged. I just assume that being “protected” is sometimes uncomfortable. And of course, I’m an old woman so anyone patting me down or looking at my body will not be getting any kicks.

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