We can and must do better

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President Obama’s chance has come and gone.  Americans must ask themselves, what exactly has President Obama done to improve America’s standing in the world.  His disastrous economic policies will be his most enduring legacy.  His foreign policy is nonsensical and erratic, at times pleaded for the forgiveness of America by her enemies, only to undertake the Libyan War campaign that didn’t have an iota of the necessity of the Iraq War and undertake the surge in Afghanistan that proved a failure.  This, after his primary campaign message was that America got involved, too often, in places it shouldn’t. 

American confidence and productivty are at an all-time low.  And all the Democrats can do after almost 4 years in the White House is blame Bush.  They have to do better than that, and so does our country. 

I urge everyone to consider carefully what is happening to our country.  Has Obama Care in any way made most American people’s lives better?  We are very close to sliding over a tipping point with our debt.  Don’t think it can’t happen.  This is not a scare tactic. 

I have faith, that if America elects someone whom returns to common sense economic policy, policy that  from the beginning of our history been the engine of American greatness, we will recover and it will be within less than 2 years.  The President who lowers taxes, lowers Federal spending and decreases regulatory burden will not have to blame Obama because that President will be basking in the glory of success, not constantly defending his failures.


2 thoughts on “We can and must do better

    Dixie said:
    July 2, 2011 at 3:57 am

    I know Americans made a huge mistake with the 700b bailout at the end of his presidency. President Bush was pushed because of a democratic held house and senate for TARP funds to fund major banks which were failing. TARP was supposed to keep America from falling into a deeper recession. That didn’t happen.
    Then Obama took office running and scaring the Americans that if a stimulus package wasn’t passed the sky would fall. Well under Obama and a democratic house and senate the sky fell ecumenical portions, jobs lost, degraded America in Egypt with apologies to countries the US helped in the past then turned on the US in the Arab world.
    Obamas policies continue to fail today and not due to President Bush. Obama is not or did not listen to the top Gen over the draw down of US forces in Afghanistan. Gen Petraus and Sec. Gates called for a smaller withdrawal of our troops, but Obama with all his military experience called for a much faster and unsafe withdrawal of our troops putting the ones left and deploying in much more danger from the Taliban.
    What a mistake we made in the 2008 elections. Hopefully and Prayer fully, which has been taken from our country from Obama, will not happen in 2012. We the People are going to have to wake up in 2012 and see a President who can take charge and make tough decisions economical, Foreign Policy and National Security seriously. It will be painful but it will get America back on the right path. Vote Obama out in 2012 its the only America will survive!

    Royce said:
    July 4, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Your frustration is apparent and shared by anyone who thinks objectively. After more than two years the impact of the 2008 Presidential can now be seen as an unmitigated disaster. We now have a President who has never managed a budget, met a payroll, turned a profit, led an organization, served in the military, had any foreign policy experience, or accomplished anything of note. The total and complete lack of experience by this President are now manifest. Many times poor leaders can perform well by selecting experienced people and relying on them. Unfortunately this President has surrounded himself with ideologues with no experience but with strong agendas. It is now becoming a race against time. Can the damage being done by this President and his administration be contained and limited prior to the 2012 election. In his desperation to accomplish his agenda — whatever that is — the actual damage may increase over the next two years. This problem is exacerbated by the poor candidates fielded by the GOP. The stronger GOP candidates, like Christie, Perry, and Guliani aren’t even declared. Hopefully a strong candidate will emerge soon.

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