Macro and Micro Relations

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The new way of American foreign relations is the stick and the carrot; we whack our allies with the stick and dangle a carrot in front of our enemies.  The thought is that by offering money to countries that dislike us, we can change their attitude. 

This seems to be failing miserably.  We’ve given billions to Pakistan, only to have their intelligence service and military harbor international terrorists and subvert our attempts to capture or kill Islamic militants in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.  In Afghanistan, billions more have been poured into the nation, in hopes the people would come to like America and thus hate our enemy, the Taliban.  This, too, failed to materialize.  Instead, ruthless warlords stole our money and killed our soldiers.  The idea that “The People” are a sacred entity came into question.  The people took our money and helped the Taliban when we weren’t looking. 

Meanwhile, we’ve done little to help India, a powerful ally that at least tries to do things right and a country that has felt the sting of Pakistani terrorism.   Moreover, Eastern European countries, once under the thrall of the Soviet Bloc, are ignored in an attempt to appease the Russians.  I can attest from first hand experience, that the people’s of Poland and the Czech Republic love Americans and are thankful for American help in throwing off their former Soviet masters. 

Something that our politicians and diplomats should think about is that the way we handle our relations with nation states need not mirror our relationships with individual people or smaller groups of people.  Just as Quantum Physics jams a thumb in the eye of Einsteinian Relativity, and micro economics have distinctly different rules from macro, we should expect different rules when dealing with nations as opposed to friends, family and associates.


One thought on “Macro and Micro Relations

    Royce said:
    July 7, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    One would have thought they even those graduates from the elite Eastern Schools like Harvard would have learned the basic school yard lesson that you can’t buy friends and yielding to a bully merely causes them to treat you with even greater contempt while demanding more. I think the time has long past for us to leave the Muslims to their own fate. If the “people” truly want freedom then it is up to them to seize it because all attempts to impose it from the outside have failed. The Paki’s in particular need to be left to their own fate.

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