Alcohol II

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Me in Cologne, Germany.  That's not Mountain Dew.
Me in Cologne, Germany. That's not Mountain Dew.

What got me thinking about writing the previous article, “Alcohol”, was a book in mygarrison’s library called, What I Eat.   It’s a well done book that looks at what 80 people from around the world consume on an average day.  Each person has a photo spread of them with their average day’s food in front of them.  I noticed that several men drank a considerable amount of alcohol.  One Inuit drinks 8, 12 oz. cans of beer a day and 2 pots of coffee.  Another guy in his late 40s and in extremely good condition, drinks 4-6 cans of Coors Lite a night.  Still another man, a sheep herder in Spain, drinks on average 5 cans of beer and two glasses of wine each day.  The Inuit runs a jackhammer 12 hours a day, the Coors drinker owns his own carpentry company, and the herder walks through the fields all day, drinking beer the whole time; he brings 3 cans with him.

Not one of these “heavy” drinkers was even close to overweight.  In fact, all the the people that looked obese in the book drank little or no alcohol.  I know, anecdotal.  But I just can’t get the picture of the obese fellow who drinks 4 cans of diet Pepsi a day, out of my mind.


2 thoughts on “Alcohol II

    Royce said:
    August 30, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I understand your point and have a mixed reaction. Drinking a glass of wine or having a couple of beers is one thing but anyone who has lived with alcoholics knows how destructive alcohol can be. I do not drink alcohol — at all – ever!! I am not condeming it but I have realized on two occasions that I cannot be a “casual” drinker so the only control I can have is total abstinence. So your point has some merit but in my opinion it cannot be universally applied. For many people alcohol is destructive. When the USSR crashed I participated in a program to help bring capitalism to executives from the USSR. These people drank alcohol throughout the day and were half in the bag all of the time. They had difficulty concentrating and seemed to be only waiting until they could get to their next drink. Alcohol in moderation is one thing but it cannot be a major part of your day. So I presume your endorsement is for the person who has a glass of wine or a beer with dinner or maybe an after dinner drink. That’s not a problem for me, but I stop short of endorsing a six pack everyday after dinner. Alcoholism is destructive.

    magus71 responded:
    August 30, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    I’ve seen real alcoholics in action, and it isn’t pretty. But I really think that the average personb’s definition of alcoholic doesn’t actually fit reality.

    The alcoholics I’ve known could put away a 30 pack in a day. Seriously. If someone can get drunk on 3 16 oz. cans of beer, they’re not an alcoholic. real alcoholics build such a tolerance that they need to drink titanic ammounts to get a buzz. It’s more than their liver can handle, and downward they spiral. I also knew an alcoholic who left her kids (babies at the time) for some 6 hours in a crib to go on a bender.

    I readily admit that it’s a personal thing as to how much or if one should drink. But I must also admit thay I know people who can drink quite a bit at night and get up for work every single day. Interestingly, in Russia beer was just named an alcoholic beverage! It was considered a soda before…

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