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Liberals have very little sense of proportion.  As the War on Terror rages on, the average liberal believes that America is exercising its subliminal fascist tendencies.  The problem is, media coverage does not give us a clear picture of what’s going on in the world.  While I believe that the fight against fundamentalist, militaristic Islam is an important one, it is not the only fight that America is engaged in and these other fights are not over oil or religiously motivated as liberals  like to believe . Readers should do some research into what’s going on in South America, specifically Columbia.  US Special Forces routinely train Columbian police and military units to fight against the communist FARC.  Car bombs, kidnappings (Columbia has more kidnappings than any other country) and murder is routine in Bogata’.

So, media coverage gives many a sense of intensity that simply didn’t exist before television.  The truth is that the world is more peaceful than it has ever been.  Another problem is the liberal adoration of tribal man.  This is a derivative of Rousseau’s “Noble Savage”, the belief that tribal man is or was much more peaceful than the “warlike” modern man.  Even very educated people spout this absolute non-truth.

Not only has civilization and education reduced violence and war, but American military supremacy reduced interstate wars and incidents of genocide after WWII.  As Dr. Steven Pinker outlines in this video, all evidence points to a more peaceful world.   Tribal man is and was much more violent than Western man.

The major problem with the liberal world view is not  that they want peace, but that they fail to recognize it when it is upon them, and so wish to tear down one of the major reasons for that peace:  the American Leviathan, which induced Pax Americana.




2 thoughts on “Pax Americana

    Royce said:
    October 5, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Well said — I would add that Islam and certainly Iraq and Afghanistan are tribal in nature and much of the violence is tribal based. I also agree that many of the liberals seem to have no grasp of history and rely on ideologic beliefs — critical thinking doesn’t exist for them outside of their ideology which tells them capitalism, military, profits, and conservative politics are evil while the poor, uneducated, and government dependent idle are noble and victims of the rich capitalists. I also note that one of the fatal flaws of Rome was the training and arming of non-romans who used those arms and tactics to overwhelm Rome. The Barbarian hordes pictured by Hollywood bear no resemblance to the reality. I am concerned by our continuing efforts to arm and train various Muslim groups. We may live to regret this.

    Lou said:
    October 6, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    I agree too; well said. “Liberal adoration of tribal man” is an interesting way of putting it. I’ve often thought that Hollywood has skewed history making people believe that the Indians (or tribal man) is without sin. But of course, you make a much better point taking it to warfare today. I also found it interesting that you mention Special Forces training in Columbia – I didn’t know that. One of my pet peeves is that we seem to do very little for our southern neighbors in their fight against drug cartels, which is a war in our own backyard.

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