Week 10 NFL predictions

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A couple of comments here.  First, there are a few teams that are downright bizarre this season.  Kansas City is one of them.  Destroy Oakland 28-0, beat San Diego in a game where Phillip Rivers passes for over 350 yards, then get crushed by arguably the worst team in the NFL: Miami.  Then we have Oakland and Denver, whose new QBs have no real record to analyze.  Is Tim Tebow the real deal?  I can’t tell.  His accuracy is atrocious, but he gives Denver a lot of other things that few QBs can bring to the table.   What’s Carson Palmer’s ability right now?  Who can tell.  He’s already thrown a ton of interceptions and after almost a year off, I’m not sold.  I basically have to flip a coin when it comes to Oakland and Denver.  Need we even talk about Philadelphia? Though I still say Michael Vick is just settling back into the statistical norms of his career–last year was an aberration. Well, I had another atrocious week in week 9.  But here goes (I’m late on the Oakland/ San Diego game).

Week 10 winners:




Washington ( Just found out Rex Grossman is starting for Washington)


Kansas City ( I know; can Tebow prove me wrong again?  Arrowhead’s a tough place to play)

Dallas (I’m not convinced by Buffalo yet)

New Orleans




San Francisco


NY Jets

Green Bay


One thought on “Week 10 NFL predictions

    wtp said:
    November 14, 2011 at 1:41 am

    So my homeboy Tebow comes through again. Lousy passing stats, but a win is a win. Of course if so many people weren’t underestimating him, he’d probably play even harder.

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