Parkinson’s Law in action

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I recently wrote about Parkinson’s Law, which essentially states that the time it takes to accomplish any job expands to fill the time allotted to do so.  In other words, short deadlines increase the density of the work/time relationship.  Yesterday and today I’ve experience Parkinson’s Law in full.  My family and I are soon moving to my new Army assignment post in New York State.  We received a call yesterday that the moving company would be here today, even though I had requested they show up on the 17th.  We essentially had nothing packed.  Though the transport company does most of the work, there are still standards that need to be met before they’ll move stuff out.

And yet in about one day we managed to weed out everything we wanted to throw away and neatly stacked everything we owed for the movers.

Pressure makes diamonds.  Low expectations give us the Occupy Wall Street protesters.


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