Leave Afghanistan Now

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The burning of the Korans at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan and the subsequent riots and murder of 5 NATO soldiers put all questions to rest about our future in the country.  There is nothing more the US can gain in this war.  Amid our apologies and groveling, our warped attempts to prove we are not imperialists, the Taliban and crime lords thrive, resting peacefully in Pakistan.  And we still pace the floor like Hamlet churning the possibilities through Washington’s mushy head.

The cultural differences between the US and many Afghans are so great, they simply cannot be overcome in a  manner that benefits in any meaningful way the US.  The country is still largely run by thieves and criminals, and outside Kabul there is little true support for the US effort.  Our national prestige is being drained away by the ridiculous “sensitivity” of Pashtun Muslims, whom seize upon any sleight as a reason to engage in mayhem.

Why are we still there?  It’s time to leave, and let Afghanistan face the reality it created for itself.  A future of crime, chaos, fundamentalism and misery.  To the Afghan government and the Taliban:  Keep your evil inside your own borders this time.To Washington:  Stop embarrasing your nation and its troops with your equivocating and hand wringing.  Bring back the pop-up targets you’ve provided for blood drenched, hateful Islamists.

Bring our boys home.


3 thoughts on “Leave Afghanistan Now

    Royce said:
    March 1, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    I totally agree. We went there in pursuit of Osama bid Laden but stayed to free the people from extreme oppression at the hands of religious zealots. We have spent enormous treasure and lives in an effort to rid that “lets pretend we are a” country. It has been demonstrated for many months now that the people have no interest in being rid of their oppressors. They continue to be in thrall of their religion with a xenophobic view of anyone not of their tribe much less not of their religion or ethnicity. When you have two offiicers inside of a ministry shot an killed by one of these zealots masquerading as a soldier then it is time to call it quits. This isn’t being defeated it is being pragmatic in realizing that this cursed people are cursed by their religion and until they rid themselves of it they will never have happiness or peace. I agree — bring out troops home!!

    Fatemah said:
    March 8, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Oh man seriously you westerners are getting retarded and ignorant more than ever lol, these locals are conservatives , to make it more simple they are faaaaaaar right wing *rolls eyes*

    so you forgein weirdos’ with weird and awkward same identical clothing and big freakish guns coming towards farmers, villagers , cities and afghan national military and government searching for a man named OBL.

    oh ok so u guys are searcing for the al qadia aswell but u guys ain’t got not right to tresspass a farmer’s territory or barge in some guy’s apartment and point ur weapons at their family. and all u do is braaag aaall day long about how they’re unciviled and backwards and u want to bring democracy towards them lol yeah right !! ur so dumb that u cant even notice that they’re living in a poor country and that they depend on farming to grow food and get education from people who travelled outside to study and came back to help the community . but seriously , once u guys leave who’ll be responsible for the damages u caused and leaving the country with children without parents ?

    remember this , karma will come after u and once they come to ur country and learn ur language trying to undrstand why u went there and u make fun of them about their poor country and call it a 3rd world and u just wanted OBL . seriously just wait while u sleep with ur family safe at home and then a loud sound of a helicopter with crazy pple busting inside ur home pointing guns at ur family searching for a guy who burned the koran . but if u try to reach for ur weapon ” YOUR THE FUCKING TERRORIST! ” BANG*****

    if u compare libya to afghan, libya got more oil and natural resources than A., libya is the country that can sell and get more technology and education but … ugh … sadly for westerners they can’t see that because ” duuuhhhh uhhh uhh uh no you no have porn booby vagaigai sex and no duuuhh beer , me white man want beeer 😡 ”

    oh come on now stop stereotyping and being in the dark all the time . between im a female arab just to tell u that. when i was in highschool there’s this western kid who became my friend and we liked chatting until all the sudden he suprised me by saying ” your country does’nt have democracy ” i was looking at the this person as if he had a huge spider on his face without even realizing it . ” well .. uh Mike .. where do u think u are in ?! ur in a private british school in a arab country, there’s starbucks and mcdonalds , and look at me im a girl in school ” he started get this confused look in a thinking manner lol ” well women can’t vote ” he said ” yeah we can vote and look 4 women were elected into parliament ” lol oh gosh Mike . futhermore to tell u im in college right now studying Human Resources.

    Have you ever once tried to control yourself and had a civilized conversation with a middle eastern muslim male or female ? have you tried to ? well how about try to meet one online or real life then start introducing yourself and ask how r u ? whats ur name ? what do u do ? and then decide to start on maybe a little about politics because maybe some are interested or no into politics though . have u ?


    then why not ? if u wanna stereotype about all middle easterners hate the then seriously what goes around comes around , then i have to label every white person is a racist impieralist war-monger that hates any body who is not straight haired or faired skin . like oh my gosh they sent pple with different religion into a gas chamber 😛 like so the drama !

    anyways .. peace out ^ ^

    Bill said:
    March 10, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    Fatemah – Where did Doug say all Middle Easterners, or even all Afghani’s are any of the pejorative things you state? Having read his stuff for a long time, he seems pretty nuanced to me. And unless I’m reading a different post than you, it seems he’s advocating exactly the same policy you are. Afghanistan and most of the middle East for that matter are completely sh*tholes compared to the rest of the world b/c of their leaders. Ours are bad, but theirs are even more absurd. YOu take issue with the notion of most of the middle east being third world – ok, i’ll bite. I’ll give you 1.00 for each medical or technological achievement made in the middle east for the last 1000 years, you give me .10 for each one made by the West in the last 100. Would you take that deal? Humanity is flawed and every culture has a lot wrong with it, but some have a lot more wrong than others. In the US and the west for that matter, the biggest problems facing our poor people is Obesity – how many centuries do you figure it’ll take Afghanistan to have the same ‘problem’? Citizens pay the price for actions of their leaders, it’s always been and always will be. The Taliban screwed up big and paid for it. Sure, we should be gone and should have left a long time ago – that’s precisely Doug’s point. Western Civilization very well may fall and it’ll be tragic, but it damn sure won’t be b/c anyone in the middle east destroys it.

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