The Shaming of American Defense Intelligence

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Some in the  American Defense Intelligence community and Apparatchiks at the State Department have reduced themselves and their trade to a criminal activity.  Not by upholding their oaths and performing the expected duties of true US Intelligence Professionals, but by ignoring the oaths they swore, the creeds they were forced to memorize, with little to fear from the system that granted them the right to see secrets that protect people’s lives.

The Military Intelligence Corp’s Creed states, in portion, the following:

To find, know, and never lose the enemy.
With a sense of urgency and of tenacity, professional and physical fitness,
and above all, INTEGRITY, for in truth lies victory.

The last few years have seen a deluge of intelligence leaks, many from senior sources.  The Bradley Mannings of the world sit in solitary confinement for breaching America’s trust and breaking the law.  And so it should be.  But as the saying goes, Privates get into more trouble for losing their rifles than Generals do for losing wars.  A series of leaks from the Pentagon and State Department regarding the possibility of an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities likely has purely political motivations: The current administration does not want to be drawn into another war before the next US election.

Whatever the motivation for the leaks, Americans should be concerned.  Not about black helicopters, CIA assassins, and 9-11 conspiracies, but because many in the intelligence community don’t care about their oaths or the lives of Americans or their allies.  For votes and political sway, secrets are sold–and no one goes to jail but the Army Private with a lot of personal and psychological problems.  I want to see the GS-15 analyst from the Pentagon, or Colonel, hauled off in chains for giving away secrets.  I’m not even sure there’s an investigation to try to weed out these creeps.  But if they were E3s who inserted a thumb drive into a government computer–to the gallows!

If these people will give secrets to the media, either just to get a thrill of seeing their deeds in the news or to ensure the success of their man in the upcoming elections, imagine what they’d do for a large chunk of change offered by a foreign spy.


2 thoughts on “The Shaming of American Defense Intelligence

    Royce said:
    April 8, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Unfortunately I believe you! It seemed obvious to me that Netanyahu’s visit to Obama was intended to inform him of Israel’s intent to take out the Iranian nuclear threat but Obama — through his minions — leaked the Azerbaijan plan effectively killing the plan. This was political but more importantly I think it showed Obama’s willingness to trade secrets for personal political gain. Frankly I don’t see a nuclear Iran as being much of a real threat because any use of nuclear weapons by them would be suicidal, but the problem is how Obama and his administration seem to have more leaks than a sieve. He is personally incompetent and his recent attacks on SCOTUS indicate that he doesn’t even seem to be very well educated in spite of his Harvard degree. But his staff don’t appear to have any grasp on geopolitics or how to conduct themselves relative to national security or national interest. For them it seems all about their own power and ideology. Hopefully the coming election will throw him out of office.

    magus71 responded:
    April 8, 2012 at 3:24 pm


    The main reason I’m concerned about Iran having nuclear weapons is not because I think they would use them (they may, but as you point out, things would be very bad for them). It’s because if they get nukes, it will severely hamper any conventional operations against them. The chances that a country will be able to intervene against the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world if Iran goes nuclear are severely diminished. Thus, their terrorist cells around the world will be much more active.

    The second reason is because of their sponsorship of terror proxy armies like Hizbollah. With Hizbollah, Iran doesn’t need a missile delivery system. Men can carry weapons to wherever they need to go. And there’s always plausible deniability when a small cell of men does the dirty work.

    Thirdly, Russian and China have chosen to support evil. They’ve sided with Syria and Iran, and all indicators show that Russia is going to oppose American interests world-wide. Thus a nuclear Iran severely hurts American interests throughout the Middle East by strengthening an ally of Russia.

    Suppose Iran goes nuclear and decides to try to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. Our navy would send them to the bottom of the ocean in a hurry–unless they could deploy nuclear weapons and gain the support of Russia’s navy. We could be looking at a nasty war.

    In short, the world is a safer place without Iranian nukes.

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