Prepare for an Egyptian civil war

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Not much time to write about it right now, but Egypt stands on the verge of falling into absolute chaos.  And it may suck the rest of the Middle East into its vortex.

More on this later.


One thought on “Prepare for an Egyptian civil war

    Royce said:
    June 21, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Anxious to hear your opinions. I tend to agree that Egypt is a pivotal point in the middle east. The Muslim Brotherhood is making a strong effort to get control while the Army is resisting. The real problem is how real is the support for the Muslim Brotherhood given that such a high percentage of the population is illiterate. Certainly the Christians are under attack — primarily from the extreme Muslims who make up the bulk to the Muslim Brotherhood. The West is their usual misguided way are pushing for a “democratic” government but was Egypt better off under the Mubark regime protected by the Army? It seems apparent that the Army doesn’t think so because the Brotherhood will move for Sharia and strick Islamic structure which will create chaos. The question is will that chaos escalate into a civil war? I don’t think it will but then I haven’t been tracking this very closely.

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