Welcome to multicultural insanity

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Despite assurances from the Left that all would remain peaceful, open and sane, it seems some places like Canada and New York have succumbed to the idiocy that is multiculturalism.  That is, the need to defend with rhetoric and laws the activities of those representing any culture aside from Anglo-American.   In this video, a man walking his dog near a Muslim, anti-Israel protest in Canada gets pushed by people in the crowd, then promptly arrested by the policed for daring to be pushed.  I’m sure it didn’t help his cause that Muslims are intensely offended by dogs.  If they don’t mind me asking, what exactly do Muslims like besides cutting off the heads of infidels like myself?

And behold the power of bacon. So powerful is this preserved meat, that in New York, it empowered some to commit a hate crime against Muslims.  

You can’t make this stuff up.  This is the type of confusion that happens when you try to integrate all cultures, many of which have very different core values.  Inevitably the more aggressive culture will win out and humanity loses. Since the 60s, our cultural elite have told us that nothing is really better than anything else.  So now people get arrested for bacon.  It’s all downhill from here.


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