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I’m currently reading “No Easy Day”, by Mark Owen ( pseudonym), the story of the mission by SEAL Team 6 to kill Osama bin Laden.  In chapter 3, he relates an incident in which he and the team had to pack for a mission:

“We worked under “Big Boy Rules” at the command, which means there wasn’t a lot of management unless you needed it.”

At one point the author approaches a veteran SEAL and asks him what he should pack.  The vet looks at him and says:

“Dude, what do you think you need to bring for deployment? Load it,” he said.  “This is your guide. Bring what you think you need.”

Later in the chapter Owen says that training for war was constant, SEALS walked around in full kit moving from range to range.

Little Boy Rules are my main reason for choosing to leave the Army.  The only way I could survive at this point is in Special Operations.  Making up my own mind is what I miss most about being a cop.  Not having someone hold my hand, stand me in a formation and yell at me about picking up trash.  I can’t wait to get out and feel free again. As a cop, I decided what I carried for equipment, even what kind of gun I carried.  While there were rules and regulations, they weren’t the focus of our existence; the mission was the focus.  In Big Army, the regulations trump mission.  Daily, we are reminded of regulations, while the average Soldier knows little about fighting wars.

As much as I complain about Little Boy Rules, I’ve seen first hand why they exist.  It’s constantly amazed me the inability of people to do the right thing without being told or forced to do so.  Some people I’ve talked to even say they like the military because it tells them what to do.

I have about a year remaining.  I look forward to being an adult.


2 thoughts on “Big Boy Rules

    Bill said:
    October 6, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Hey doug – I meant to ask you about this a while ago. I grew up and while I was a jackass for much of my life, I’ve never had a problem admitting when I was wrong. So when I had a runin with the law, I’d usually be at fault. Until I was in my late 20s and ran into a really corrupt cop in miami who was a thug. We were friends from way back but he started to change and I called him on it one night over drinks which (i think in large part b/c of the steroids) caused him to absolutely flip. It was on between us since then. I’ve consistently lost respect for law enforcement over the past 10 years to the point I pretty much switched from believing there were a few bad apples and few isolated incidents to the exact opposite. A lot has to do with Paramilitarization of police forces and circling the wagons for fear of law suits. Almost all stems from abuses related to the war on drugs one way or the other. I’m actually at the point now where I firmly believe “Never call the police for anything, for any reason, ever” when it involves anything related to me. I respect what cops do and had many cop friends over the eyars, but there’s just too many ‘isolated incidents’ with snitches and wrong addresses, dead dogs, brutality (which always ends up with the victim arrested for resisting) etc. I’m quite convinced though that if you were still a cop, you’d no doubt be one of the good ones. I’m very curious what you think of the current state of law enforcement? If you see a progressing on physicality and if so, what you attribute it to? Basically, as anti-cop as I’ve gotten, i still run into very admirable cops and figured your the closest I have to one that I can have a discussion with. If it’s something you’re open to discussing, I’d really love to hear your thoughts

    magus71 responded:
    October 7, 2012 at 10:50 pm


    Writing a post about it right now.

    Tell me what you think about my book. My apologies for the wonky Kindle formatting. It does not look like that in its original format.

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